Learning to Let Go With the Razor RipStik

by Crystal Carder

I’m a helicopter parent. There I said it. I literally have to watch everything my kids do. If i can think of a way it’s unsafe, I’m right there.

I cannot stand the thought of my kids getting hurt, but I know kids are kids and they have to learn – sooner or later – with or without me there.

So, when my son expressed his interest in skateboarding and asked for a Razor RipStik for his birthday, I knew it was getting time for me to back off a little and let him try something a little more dangerous.

Of course, before I agreed to let my 8-year try a RipStik, I had to make sure he had the proper protective gear first – like a helmet and knee and elbow pads. Thankfully, Razor makes all of these for kids, if you don’t already have them, and you may actually need them while using the RipStik in some states – just check your local laws.

Learning to Let Go With the Razor RipStiks

About the RipStik

The Razor RipStik comes in many designs including electric versions, but the RipStiks that we received were among Razor’s more popular versions; the RipStik Ripster (ages 5 and up) and the RipStik Classic] (ages 8 and up).

Learning to Let Go With the Razor RipStiks

The RipStik may look like a skateboard, but it is so much more! Designed with a pivoting deck, the RipStik gives riders the feel of snowboarding and surfing on dry land.

Learning to Let Go With the Razor RipStiks

Allowing users to do more tricks with it’s light weight design, the RipStik is designed to provide more foot control, less pushing, and a smoother ride. Weighing just between 4.5-8 pounds, both boards are super light and easy to carry with, wherever you go.

Our Razor RipStik Experience 

When I first received the Razor RipStik, I was only expecting the RipStik Classic, but the good folks at Razor were so kind, they sent me the RipStik Ripster to try out too.

The difference between the two RipStiks can instantly be seen – one is smaller, for kids ages 5 and up, and the other one is larger for kids ages 8 and up.

Learning to Let Go With the Razor RipStiks

While the RipStiks are available in a variety of colors, we love the neutrality of the red and blue that we were sent. 

Learning to Let Go With the Razor RipStiks

The first time we tried the RipStik, we were all a little shocked how hard it was. Unlike regular skateboards, the RipStik uses 360 degree inclined casters that always move and it doesn’t sit flat on wheels. In fact, just learning to get on the Ripstik can be challenging.

We had such a hard time learning to use the RipStik, at first, that we actually practiced on a porch where we could hold onto something.

Learning to Let Go With the Razor RipStiks

After a few minutes of practicing, we were able to let go and actually use the RipStik! Although, our feat didn’t come without a few falls, we loved the feel and how much fun the RipStik Classic and Ripster are. 

While I wouldn’t recommend the RipStik for kids younger than the recommended age, the RipStik Classic can be fun for adults, as well as kids since it comes with a 220-pound recommended weight limit.

We love everything about Razor’s RipStik – especially how well it is made, and recommend them for kids everywhere this summer! You Can learn more about Razor and all the RipStiks they offer online on their website and by following them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram.

Learning to Let Go With the Razor RipStiks

For more fun toys and to find out why I recommend the Razor RipStik as a great birthday gift idea check out this ultimate birthday guide for 8-year old boys.




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