Mom Recommended Must Haves for a Child’s Tonsillectomy

by Crystal Carder
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Having a child who’s getting their tonsils removed can be scary. You never want to see your child go through a surgery, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary, as it was with my 7-year old son. He had been getting frequent infections and dealing with sleep apnea from having huge tonsils. Rather than let him suffer from more bouts of strep throat and lack of sleep, the doctor finally decided it was best to remove his tonsils.

Mom-Recommended Items for a Child's Tonsilectomy

Since I had my tonsils removed when I was about Brantley’s age, I remember the day all too well. I was scared and I knew he would be too. That’s why I planned to have everything on hand before his big day, to make his tonsillectomy more comfortable.

Mom Recommended Must Haves for a Child's Tonsillectomy 81

If your child is preparing for a tonsilectomy these Mom Recommended Must-Haves are everything every parent should have on hand before surgery to help make your child’s recovery as easy as possible.

Mom Recommended (Must-Haves) for a Child’s Tonsillectomy

Vermont Teddy Bear’s Super Hero Bear

When I had my tonsils removed as a child, I remember being so scared and crying. To help me feel better, my parents got me a teddy bear to calm me down. I remember feeling so much better having something to hold on to when the nurses wheeled me down to the operating room, that I knew Brantley needed a teddy bear to comfort him during surgery too. That’s when I found the adorable Super Hero Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear.

Mom Recommended Must Haves for a Child's Tonsillectomy 82

The Super Hero Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear is not only adorable, but it’s super soft and ready for hugs! When I gave Brantley this bear on the morning of his surgery, one of the first things he told me was that he didn’t need to be scared because he had Super Bear.

While I know a teddy bear couldn’t keep him safe during his surgery, it was calming to know that he felt less scared because he had it.

Plus one thing I love about this teddy bear is that it comes with Vermont Teddy Bear’s Lifetime Guarantee meaning he can cherish it forever, or one day give it to his son/daughter during their first surgery.

To learn more about all the amazing teddy bears Vermont Teddy Bear has and check out their line of Bears That Care click HERE.

Tylenol and Motrin

I knew whenever Brantley got his tonsils out, I would probably need some sort of pain medicine on hand for him, but I had no idea that I would need Tylenol and Motrin on hand for other reasons after tonsillectomy.

Apparently, for up to two weeks (sometimes longer) kids can get high fevers after having their tonsils removed. Thankfully, Brantley didn’t have too much of this symptom, but we did go through a decent amount of Tylenol and Motrin to help him manage the pain.

Since you’re probably not going to go grocery shopping right after your child’s tonsillectomy, it is a good idea to stock up on both Tylenol and Motrin for after the surgery.

Tons of Popsicles 

The doctor who did my son’s tonsillectomy was awesome. He told us that instead of focusing on my son eating for the next two weeks, just focus on him getting liquids.

For the first few days after surgery, Brantley could only tolerate a little food, but he ate a ton of popsicles. Not only did he say they helped his throat, but they also helped him to stay hydrated and out of the hospital.

While popsicles aren’t the only soft foods to have your house after a tonsillectomy, they are something you should do some major stocking up on before your child’s surgery. 

Warmies® Cozy Wraps™

When Brantley had his surgery, I knew he would be sore for a few days, but I never realized just how bad it would be. The poor boy laid in his bed and on the couch for a couple of days straight. As a mom, I felt so bad that he was going through so much pain and I just wanted to help him in any way possible. Thankfully, we had gotten a Warmies Cozy Wrap™ Heatable Neck Wrap a few days before his surgery.

Mom Recommended Must Haves for a Child's Tonsillectomy 83The Warmies Cozy Wrap™  Heatable Neck Wraps come in a variety of cute plush characters, but for Brantley, I choose the sloth character neck wrap. This wrap is large enough to fit around his neck and is super adorable on him. 

It’s so easy to use, that all you have to do is place it in the microwave for a few seconds and then place it on the back of the neck. Since each wrap is lightly scented with French Lavender, it is even calming for your child to wear.

While we have used the Warmies Cozy Wrap Heatable Neck Wrap for Brantley’s post-surgery, I know it will also come in handy during cold and flu season this year with his brother and sister too!

To learn more about Warmies™ products including Cozy Plushes, click HERE.


As mothers, we feel so helpless watching our children go back to surgery. That’s why for me, I couldn’t just stand and watch, I had to do something. That’s why I chose to pray. Whether or not you believe in the power of prayer, when your child is going into surgery, it was comforting for me to know I was placing my worries in God’s hands.

While you may come up with a million other things you need after your child’s tonsillectomy these are the ones that I feel every mom (or dad) should have on hand for right before and after your child’s surgery.

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Mom-Recommended Items for a Child's Tonsilectomy

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