3 Free Summer Chore Chart Downloadable Printables for Kids

by Crystal Carder

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With summer vacation here, I feel like all I get done doing is cleaning and cooking. My kids are already eating through the house and they’ve ‘forgotten’ to throw their trash away on more occasions than once this summer. That’s why I’ve decided they are going to help clean up their mess and I’m using this handy weekly summer chore chart to keep them accountable.

Rather than spend my whole day cleaning up their messes, my kids are going to help. Even my daughter who is five. If you are looking for a great summer chore chart or chore chart for all year long, I have you covered with three unique, printable chore charts. These chore charts are great for keeping track of your child’s chore progress and you can customize each of your child’s chores to coincide with their ages.

Free Weekly Summer Chore Charts

Weekly Summer Chore Chart Printables

These Weekly Summer Chore Chart Printables are uniquely designed to allow you to customize your child’s chores, so if you have more than one child, you can easily jot down the chores that are appropriate for their age range.

At the bottom of each weekly chore chart is also a handy reminder that all chores must be done before your child even thinks to grab technology. Plus, if you want to give your child an allowance for doing their chores for the week, I’ve also included a weekly total on the bottom, so you can total up the chores and decide how much to pay your child for doing each of the chores.  

I’ve also designed these chore charts to be appealing to young children and older children. I know that when something looks pretty, kids more likely to use it, so I’ve designed one summer chore chart for boys, one for girls, and another for older children.

These charts can be downloaded and printed for free, but please feel free to subscribe to my mailing list for more unique printable designs. Also, be sure to print these weekly summer chore charts in landscape mode, so you get the most room.

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Free Chore Chart printables

Please note these chore charts are not guaranteed to get your children to do chores. That is up to you! 

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