How to Use VIBBIDI the Social Network for Music

by Crystal Carder
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I’ve talked about VIBBIDI in the past, but guys, I cannot get enough of the app! In the past few months, this app has grown tremendously. I’m not sure if you joined yet, but if not, you should seriously download the app.

If you don’t remember VIBBIDI, let me remind me how I found this app.

A few months ago, the creators of VIBBIDI got in contact with me and asked me to try their new app. Normally, I just delete these types of emails, but something about this email made me curious. After I downloaded the app, I was immediately hooked.

If you like Pinterest, VIBBIDI is kind of like the Pinterest for music-lovers.The app lets you connect and follow fellow music lovers who share your taste of music. You can create boards with your favorite songs and, best of all, you can play the playlist on your phone with no advertisements and for free. In the months since I’ve found VIBBIDI, I use the VIBBIDI app more than my music app.

If you have just downloaded the app, things may seem a bit more complicated since they have changed it up these last few months. But, I promise you, if you give it a try – you are going to love it!

How to use VIBBIDI


Step 1

Download the VIBBIDI app from the Google Play or iTunes Store. The app is free 🙂 The app should look similar to the picture below.

How to use the trending new music site VIBBIDI

Step 2

Follow the steps on screen to sign up for a free account. You will make a username (mine is crystalcarder), just like any other social media site, and you will add a bit of information about yourself. 

trending music app social media app music lovers vibbidi

Step 3

Choose your music preferences. VIBBIDI has a huge collection of artist to choose from. Simply thumbs up the artist you like and thumbs down the ones you don’t like. This part is very important in setting up your account because you will be shown these artist in your music feeds.

Step 4

Explore VIBBIDI. When you first sign into the app, the app can look a little daunting. You will open to a page that is called 24, and it is a live feed. What you see here is possible music matches – profiles that like music that you like and you may want to follow. I will admit I am a bit unsure what this page completely does, it may be beneficial for some of you to find people to follow.

VIBBIDI 24 section

After you leave the 24 page, you can navigate to the search section. This section is my favorite and it has music sections from US music to Country. Here you can see exactly what music is trending and be collected the most. Click on the top 100 and you will be shown 100 of the top collected songs in that category. If you like Sunday morning radio countdowns, you will LOVE this section.

VIBBIDI music trend music app google play iTunes

If you want to explore a bit more, you can explore albums, artist, concerts, and much more here too.

Next, if you go the the upload section (at the bottom), you will be given the opportunity to upload music from YouTube or Vimeo if you do not see the song already posted on there. In my experience, most songs are already 

Finally, the last two sections are for your profile. The lightening rod gives you all your notifications, while the little person shows your complete profile: how many songs you collected, people who viewed your profile, how many followers/following/ and collections (more on this in step 5).

Step 5

Collect your songs. Now this is the part of VIBBIDI that makes it really fun and kind of like Pinterest.

When you find music you love, you collect it. Each song has a black box underneath that says collect, just click it and it will ask you to add it to a collection. You can add a song to more than one collection.


Collections of music are great for keeping date night music, sad music, dance music, or any other music all together.

vibbidi music app social media for music collection new collection

When you are ready to listen to your collections, just go to your profile and click the collection of your choice and hit shuffle. Your favorite songs will play continuously with no advertisements or commercials. 


You can customize your profile and change the music video at the top of your profile, if you wish.

I seriously think VIBBIDI will be the next big app, so make sure you get on board and download it – you won’t regret it!  If you already have VIBBIDI, I would love to hear your opinions of it in the comments below.

*This is not a compensated post. I did not receive anything to post this, just simply posting about something I truly love and believe my readers will too.


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