The Hottest New Social Network for Music Has Arrived! VIBBIDI is Now Available!

by Crystal Carder

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*I was not compensated for this post by VIBBIDI or any affiliates. I am just sharing an app that I LOVE.

We all have that one song that became a staple of our childhood. That song we listened to when our heart got broke or when we fell in love; that song that our children still get annoyed when we listen to it.

Now, VIBBIDI is giving users a chance to share their favorite music with the world. VIBBIDI is a brand new app, (just four weeks old!) and folks are already calling it a new Pinterest for music lovers.

The Hottest New Social Network for Music Has Arrived! VIBBIDI is Now Available! 81

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The folks at VIBBIDI were so excited about the launch of their app that they emailed me and asked me to try it out and voice my opinions. I normally delete emails like this, but something inside of me couldn’t resist checking out the app.

The app, which is available on both iTunes and Google Play Store, already has an almost 5-star rating and tons of positive reviews.

My Experience with VIBBIDI 

When I downloaded VIBBIDI for the first time, I really had no idea what I was downloading; it was like 5 in the morning and I was barely awake. I figured the app would be on my phone for five minutes and I’d probably delete it, but I was so wrong!

When users download the VIBBIDI app, they have to sign in and create an account before they can continue on. After creating the account, users are then asked a few questions about what kind of music they like and who their favorite artist are.

Then users are finally taken to their dashboard where they can share and find as many songs as possible.

The Hottest New Social Network for Music Has Arrived! VIBBIDI is Now Available! 82
If a particular song isn’t on VIBBIDI, VIBBIDI allows users to import songs from YouTube, Vimeo, the Web, or their very own camera roll.

When I downloaded the app, there really weren’t any songs in the Country or Christian genres, but after 2 weeks, users have been sharing and uploading songs like crazy. Now there are so many more songs and VIBBIDI seems to be growing every day!

My thoughts:

VIBBIDI could really be the next big thing! The app is very addictive. After just two weeks, I’ve already saved over 800 songs and gained 400 followers.

The Hottest New Social Network for Music Has Arrived! VIBBIDI is Now Available! 83
Unlike Pinterest where men kind of stray away, VIBBIDI has something for everyone. No matter what genre of music you’re into, you’ll always find more people just like you on VIBBIDI.

What you should know about VIBBIDI:

I had an opportunity to address some of my worries with the folks at VIBBIDI and here’s what I found out.

On VIBBIDI users pin music videos to boards. That had me a little worried. I didn’t want to go over all of my data for the month, so I was only using the app on wi-fi. But, the app actually accounts for data usage and you don’t use as much data if you’re blacked out or x-ed out of the app. In fact, you can use this app just to listen to music that you love because the music continuously plays even when you exit the app.

VIBBIDI is very concerned with making the app as user-friendly and fun as possible. All my worries were already things that they’ve already addressed and are working on.

Final Thoughts:

VIBBIDI uses a platform to share music videos that NO other platform has ever done and I personally love it! ❤️

 The app is totally free and worth checking out. After downloading it, go ahead and give me a follow!

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