Pringle Run Falls in Kingwood, West Virginia is WV’s Best Waterfall!

by Crystal Carder

Thinking about visiting Morgantown, West Virginia? Make the 45-minute trip to Kingwood, West Virginia, and visit Pringle Run Falls. This secluded waterfall is a hidden gem in Kingwood and it’s an underrated waterfall that is – dare I say, – more breathtaking than Blackwater Falls!Pringle Run Falls in Kingwood, West Virginia is WV's Best Waterfall! 4

About Pringle Falls near Kingwood, WV

I’ll be honest, I could not find much information about Pringle Falls. Other than being located near the Cheat River, this waterfall looks to be a small-town secret.

On the day we visited the waterfalls, it was hot and a ton of cars were parked across the Pringle Falls Trailhead, but no one – not a single soul – was on the trail to Pringle Falls! After seeing the falls, I’m astonished!

Directions to Pringle Run Falls, West Virginia

Accessing Pringle Falls is quite easy. If you follow your GPS directions, just put in Pringle Run, West Virginia, and your GPS should take you right to the trailhead for the falls.

Our GPS actually tried to place the falls on the side of the road where the river is, but the trailhead parking is actually on the opposite side of the river. Whenever you start on the trail, you will have to cross over a gate, but then just keep walking up the gravel road – you should almost immediately hear rushing water.

near Pringle run falls

And, just a few feet from the road, you will see what looks to be a small waterfall, and it’s beautiful, but that is not Pringle Run Falls, keep walking until you see a rope leading you down a steep hillside. Once you reach the rope, you will have to maneuver, safely down a steep hillside. This is the hardest part of the hike to the falls, but it’s only for a few feet downhill. Once you get down to the falls, it’s breathtaking!

hike down steep hillside

Visiting Pringle Run Falls, West Virginia 

Pringle Run Falls is one of the most beautiful, well-rewarding waterfall hikes we’ve ever been on. The waterfall is absolutely stunning! It’s peaceful and secluded and really easy to find yourself immersed in nature.

It’s one of those West Virginian waterfalls, that really live up to West Virginia’s “Almost Heaven” slogan. The waterfall is mesmerizing! There is a bit of graffiti on some of the rocks around the waterfall, but it’s very minimal.  

There are even a few caves around the waterfall, but we were not brave enough to explore them. If you decide to, do it at your own risk, as I am unsure how safe they even are.  There is a bit of cell phone service at the falls, but I will warn you, we didn’t have the best cellphone reception.

Pringle Run Falls is located near Camp Dawson Army Base, so some activities may not be permitted while you are there but I cannot recommend visiting Pringle Run Falls near Kingwood, West Virginia enough!

In fact, I am ranking Pringle Run Falls as the number 1 waterfall to visit in West Virginia. I just know you will love this beautiful falls as much as we did and I already cannot wait to go back!

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Tell me, where is your favorite waterfall that you’ve ever been to?



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