White Park Waterfall, A Hidden Gem in Morgantown, West Virginia

by Crystal Carder

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West Virginia is full of gorgeous hikes and hidden treasures. This past weekend, my kids and I were looking for something to do where we could enjoy nature. Our original plan was to go to Coopers Rock and take a hike, but about the time we got to that exit, God intervened and put our tire sensor light on in our car. Knowing we had to go to Morgantown, West Virginia now first, I started to look for things to do in Morgantown.

Since my family practically lives in Morgantown, I thought we had seen everything there, then I stumbled on White Park. White Park didn’t have many reviews or a lot of information on Google, but as you know, that just made me more intrigued. I had to at least drive past the place to see what it was.

I put the address in to White Park and the GPS quickly alerted me that the park may be closed. As it turns out, White Park is actually a recreational park too with an ice rink, baseball fields, and a mountain biking path.

 When we got to White Park, there were a few baseball teams playing, but we parked and attempted to find out where this waterfall was.

There were a few trails heading upward, but there were absolutely no signs anywhere telling you where to go. We had two options, either hike the trails upward or cross the road and try that trail. My gut told me we should go across the street, but the kids decided we should go to the trails upward. Turns out the trail upward had just as many side trails and no signs as to where to go. Just these empty graffitied signs. After a mile of hiking and ending up at houses, we decided to head back and cross the street. Turns out, that’s what we should have done a long time ago. We had finally found the right trail and there were a few signs alerting us of this. After a short walk, we immediately came to a lake of water. Continuing the walk on, we could finally hear water and knew we were close to the waterfall. Then, we came upon a bench with a small overlook. We were the only ones walking towards the fall that day, so it was like we had the whole trail to ourselves; it was so relaxing.

Chipmunks ran in the distance, birds tweeted above us, and the sound of water rushing was in the distance.  Just beyond the bench, we had finally made it to the waterfall!

Though, there is a little trail leading to the waterfall, it is a little more strenuous for kids, but totally do-able.*

The water at the waterfall was pretty still. Other than the water rushing down the falls, the water wasn’t moving, so we decided to sit on the rock and watch the water.

My pictures could never do the waterfall justice, so we used the GoPro Hero 5 Black to get video of the falls. As you can see, it did amazing capturing the pure beauty of this fall.

Ready to visit White Park, check out the park’s website HERE.

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This post in no way encourages trespassing, swimming, or any other dangerous activities at the waterfall. Please use caution and stay on trails while hiking. As with any water, water is very dangerous. This post serves as only an entertainment post and therefore is not encouraging any activities at White Park. Explore at your own risk. 

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Brenda Grunewald May 7, 2018 - 12:00 pm

How long of a hike to the waterfall?

Crystal Carder May 7, 2018 - 12:01 pm

It’s not far. I would say less than a mile. The hike is relatively flat, so it’s a pretty easy hike. The kids and I made it back there without any issues.
It’s very peaceful and pretty there.

Jordan June 23, 2018 - 3:28 am

My wife and I take our kids on the trail at White Park all the time but I’ve never seen this waterfall. Is it out on the trail across the road from the ball fields? The trail that coincides with the bike paths? I really want to see it the kids would love it!

Crystal Carder June 23, 2018 - 6:40 am

The first time we went, it took us a while to find the waterfall, but when you park walk across the road to the side with the ball field and the path that has the bike trail. It’s pretty much a straight shot. You’ll walk a little bit and then cross a road, once you cross you should see signs for water. Just keep walking straight on the trail and you should end up at the waterfall.


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