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Kidlo Learning Apps: A Kid App Review

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*I received a free subscription to Kidlo learning apps for this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

How many times have you been frustrated trying to teach your child to do math, or write their letters? It’s not an easy task trying to teach a squirmy toddler these essentials; but, by the time your child hits the age for kindergarten, most of them are expected to know these essential life skills.

That’s why I use Kidlo apps with my children. Kidlo apps are so much fun for kids and provide interactivity, surprises and fun animations to make learning fun.

Kidlo Learning Apps Kid app review

With over 20 apps, Kidlo apps can help teach your child everything from math and English to coding. 

Math Games: Preschool Math Games For Kids

When my middle son started kindergarten this year, I was sure he was ready for it. He knew all the little things, like counting, but when he started coming home and saying math was too hard, I was a bit worried. That’s when the Math Games: Preschool Math Games For Kids app came into play.

Kidlo Preschool Math Games for Kids app

Preschool Math Games for Kids is a comprehensive math program for Pre-K and kindergarten aged children. Filled with fun, interactive songs, and exciting games, it teaches your child the basic math concepts like counting, numbers, geometry, patterns, and more.

After installing this app on my son’s tablet, I have noticed a significant change in his attitude towards math and he is finally liking math class. In fact, the other day he came home from school and told me that he had fun in math.

While my son still plays other apps on his tablet, I have caught him playing Preschool Math Games for Kids even when I didn’t tell him to.

Download Math Games: Preschool Math Games For Kids on iTunes here.

Kidlo English App: English Learning For Kids

When my kids started school, I never realized just how much English they had to learn. Not only is English learning their ABC’s, but it is also learning to read, write, and learning their word families. English is a very complex subject for kids, so I love how Kidlo’s English for Kids app makes English fun and easy to learn.

The Kidlo English App: English Learning For Kids app is great for teaching children ages, Pre-K to 1st grade and offers over 500 songs, games, activities, and stories.

Since my 3-year old will be going into Pre-K this coming year, I downloaded this app on her tablet to help her learn her ABC’s and how to write her letters. While it has only been a week, she has already learned to trace the letters of her name and she loves listening and playing during the songs in this game.

This app has so much to offer that I really wish I would have found it sooner! You can download this app on iTunes here.

Coding Game: Kidlo Coding Games

I encourage my children to use technology. I think technology is where the future of jobs may be, so I want them to familiarize themselves with it. While I know I can’t teach them the important things of technology like coding, with Kidlo apps, I don’t have to.

Kidlo Coding games for kids app review

Kidlo’s Coding for Kids: Learn to Code app teaches children the very basics of programming and helps improve kids’ problem solving skills, boosts memory and increases logical thinking skills through exciting games.

At first, my 5-year old son, had a bit of a hard time with this game, but after a bit of persistence and playing, he finally got the hang of this app. Much like the other Kidlo apps, this app makes learning fun with things kids love. For instance, one of the games let kids drive the firetruck to put out the fire.

Kidlo’s Coding for Kids is an app every kid should have, it was even voted by Google Play as one of the most innovative games of 2017.

You can download this educational coding app on iTunes here, in the Amazon Store here, and on Google Play here.

Final Thoughts on Kidlo apps

While you should know Kidlo apps do require a subscription for the best experience, Kidlo apps are well-worth the price. Since downloading these apps on my children’s tablets, I have noticed my 3 and 5 year olds laughing while playing the games and they are actually learning from it.

Unlike other learning apps that I have downloaded in the past, my kids actually want to play these apps. And, as a mom, I love watching them shout out answers to questions with ease. If you have a pre-k or kindergarten aged child, give them a head-start with Kidlo apps.

If you would like to learn more about Kidlo, or see some of the other apps they offer, click here.

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