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Why I Let My Children Use Technology on Roadtrips and How I Limit Them

When I was younger, my parents liked to drive just as much as my husband and I do today and I remember,  it was sometimes boring. Nowadays, though, technology has come so far, that my children don’t have to be bored on a roadtrip, granted we don’t always let them have their Ipads or a movie in the car, but when we do its always limited. Here are some key times I proudly give my kids technology in the car: USA, LLC

Traffic Jams – If you’ve ever had the misfortune of sitting in a line of cars due to an accident or rush hour, you would know how boring the wait is. Rather than let my children be bored, this is a time I gladly let my children play their Ipad or watch a movie.

8 hour roadtrips While my husband and I may be having fun on our 8 hour roadtrip, chances are my children are bored to the bone. Long roadtrips are a definite yes for technology.

Fighting toddlers – While I don’t reward my children for fighting, when they get cranky and start picking fights, I usually know that means they are bored, so I usually give in and give them something to do that will entertain them.

While these are the main times I let my children use technology, sometimes I just let them use it because they want to, but my husband and I do have one rule: no technology outside of the car.

While I do allow my kids to use technology in the car, we still remember sometimes playing games and laughing together is much more fun.

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