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5 Ways to Rock Spring Cleaning and e-Cloth Giveaway

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I received a free item for this post on how to rock spring cleaning, but in no way did it influence my opinion.

If there is one warm weather makes me want to do, it is rock spring cleaning! After a long cold winter, being able to clean up inside and outside feels so refreshing.

If you are looking for tips on how to rock spring cleaning this year, look no further, these tips are for you! These tips will help you declutter your house, clean forgotten areas, and even tell you about a new great cleaning item that I recommend for rocking spring cleaning.


Over the winter, my kids accumulate a ton of stuff from Christmas, parties, and all those snowy day shopping trips. Springtime reminds me, that it is time to get rid of stuff and declutter the household. First I start by cleaning out the clothes that we no longer wear, are stained, or too small. Then, I start by decluttering the millions of toys that my kids no longer play with.

After I’m done with the kid’s rooms, though, there is always more that can be decluttered to make your house look amazing again. Remember to declutter; old books and magazines, dishes, pots and pans, tools, broken items, nicknacks, blankets, and anything else that you no longer need or use.

Remember Behind, Underneath, and Overhead

These tips are suggestions and in no way am I encouraging you to do something you do not feel comfortable doing. Never attempt anything dangerous. When cleaning around electronics and appliances, and lights, be sure electric is turned off and items are unplugged first. Always be sure when cleaning overhead that proper safety measures are taken first. For more safety tips while cleaning, consult a professional. 

To fully rock spring cleaning, you have to remember those three forgotten places; underneath, behind, and overhead. Be sure to clean under beds, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, desk, couches, and other areas that don’t get moved often. Then clean behind the places like; dressers, toilets, and other hard to reach areas that may not get cleaned daily. Finally, clean overhead things like; ceiling fans, dust that accumulated in corners of the wall, and any dusty lights. 

Use e-Cloth for a perfect clean with just water

When it comes to spring cleaning, making sure you have the right products to clean with is very important. For my all my spring cleaning needs, I trust e-cloth.

e-cloth makes spring cleaning a breeze and, the best part, you don’t have to use harmful chemicals! e-cloth uses just water; saving you time and money. Each cloth is extra thick for deep cleaning and proven to remove 99% of bacteria with just water! 

Although, I haven’t talked much about it, my son has recently been taking asthma medication and our doctor advised us against using harsh chemicals around him. I was having such a hard time finding anything that didn’t cost a fortune and cleaned grease, grime, and bacteria from hard surfaces. I’m so thankful I found e-cloth! Their cloths not only keep my son from having bouts of coughing, but they actually clean all that hard stuff from my surfaces.

If you are still using harmful chemicals to clean, did you know that cleaning products found in homes can cause; cancer, breathing problems, poor indoor air quality, and possibly poisonings?!

Exposure of any chemical can cause irreplaceable damage, so live healthier, clean easier, and clean faster by using e-cloth.

Ask for help

Even if you live in the smallest house, cleaning a whole house and outside takes a lot of time and work. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and be sure to get the kids involved while cleaning. Always ask for help for any danger areas, climbing ladders, or while woking with any power tools.

Don’t forget the outdoors

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean cleaning up inside of the house, it also means cleaning up outdoors. After a long winter, many tree branches and sticks need picked up, garage doors should be wiped down, trash should be picked up, the front porch should be swept and cleaned, and the garage should be reorganized. Since the outside is what most people see, be sure to make sure your yard always looks nice.

While there are a ton more tips that could help you to rock spring cleaning this year, these tips are some of the most important things you can do to make your house look the best!

Now, for the fun part! One reader will win a e-cloth! All you have to do to enter is click and follow the rules in the giveaway linky below.

I love my e-cloth! Have you tried any of e-cloth products yet? If not, ecloth is now available at Ace Hardware. Visit the Store Locator at www.ecloth.com to find your local participating store.

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