A Cry for Help in South Sudan #SouthSudan

by Crystal Carder
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South Sudan turns five on July 9th. A country founded on peace quickly turned into war in 2013. Now, some of the youngest, who are just 5-years old, know no other life than war.

While my children play Angry Birds and Transformers, most of the children in South Sudan have no toys. Like Zeieya, a South Sudanese girl, whose favorite game is pretending to grind surgham to eat.

While my children pick through their food, little Zeieya is lucky to have anything to eat. Zeieya spends her day helping to feed her family’s goat; hoping it has a kid so she can drink some of the milk. A Cry for Help in South Sudan #SouthSudan

My boys dream of being construction workers, or Monster truck drivers – maybe the next Defender, Zeieya won’t have those dreams. Zeieya doesn’t go to school, instead she spends her days collecting firewood for a little bit of money.

As heartbreaking as Zeieya’s story sounds, there are millions of other girls like her in South Sudan. In fact, 5.1 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. If you would like to donate, every little bit helps.

$150 provides nutritional support for a malnourished child
$84 provides three months of emergency meals
$41 provides two weeks of clean water

Visit Care.org and learn about more ways you can help those in South Sudan.

Disclosure: Thank you to CARE for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to help South Sudan!

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