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Picking Out The Perfect Nap Mat: 5 Things You Should Always Look For & Why We Choose Wildkin Nap Mats

I partnered with Wildkin in exchange for a free item. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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My daughter has been super excited about starting pre-k this fall. She has already asked to help pick out all her school supplies, so when I started searching for a nap mat, I knew she would want to help pick it out too.

She wanted something that was pretty and pink, but I knew I wanted a toddler nap mat that offered a few more qualities than just looks – that’s why we choose the Wildkin Nap Mat.

Wildkin Nap Mat

Wildkin Nap Mats are the perfect nap mats for kindergarten and pre-k. Built to last all year long, Wildkin nap mats were my family’s first choice when my boys needed nap mats for school. Although, they had the , the holds the same great qualities and my daughter already loves it!

If you are shopping for nap mats, but not sure what nap mat is best for you, here are 5 things you should look for when picking out your child’s kindergarten nap mat.

5 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Kindergarten/ Pre-K Nap Mat

Easy to Clean 

It’s no secret that kids at schools are overflowing with germs, so when your child brings his/her nap mat home to clean, it is always nice to have a nap mat that is easy to clean.

Wildkin Nap Mats are so easy to clean and can be washed in your front load washing machine on cold rinse. Being able to wash your child’s nap mat in the washer will not only save you from the hassle of scrubbing but assure your child is getting the cleanest nap mat, every time.


Did you know most schools that offer nap time, make kids sleep on cold, hard floors for 30-minutes or longer? That’s why its almost a must that your child’s nap mat be more than just pretty. It has to be comfortable. For the best nap mat, I recommend it offers these three comforting essentials:

  • Some sort of pillow (built-in, removable, or a case that you can insert a pillow into)
  • A cozy interior
  • A soft material the whole way around 

choosing the perfect nap mat comfort

Wildkin offers all three of these comfort essentials in their nap mats. The Wildkin Horses in Pink Nap Mat, that we have, offers a cozy cotton flannel blanket interior, it’s own removable pillow, and a comfortable, plushy blanket material.

The Wildkin Horses in Pink Nap Mat is so comfortable, that I have no worries about my daughter having trouble falling asleep during nap time.

Easy To Carry

The first day of school, kids literally have their hands full. They have to carry everything they bought for back-to-school and it can be pretty overwhelming for little ones. That’s why I suggest looking for nap mats that are easy to carry. Not only will this help them get to school, but it will also help them whenever the teacher sends the nap mats home to get washed.

Our Wildkin Horses in Pink Nap Mat is so easy for my daughter to carry, thanks to its handy shoulder strap, that I know I won’t have to worry about how she is going to get to school with it.

Easy to Fold

When it comes to pre-k, I know teachers don’t have the time to roll up 30 or so nap mats, so my daughter will have to be able to roll it up on her own. That’s why I suggest looking for a nap mat that is easy to roll up and takes minimal effort.

Our Wildkin Nap Mat, not only makes it easy to roll up, but it also has handy velcro straps that my daughter can use to hold it shut whenever she is done rolling it.

Long Enough for Growing Kids

Nap mats are now widely used in daycares, schools, and homes all across the nation. That’s why whenever you purchase your child’s nap mat for back-to-school, you need to make sure you get one that is intended for a kindergarten sized child and not a toddler-sized child, or you may find yourself shopping for nap mats again, soon.

Wildkin Nap Mat long enough for growing kids

With our Wildkin Original Style Nap Mat, my daughter still has plenty of room left to grow. Measuring 20″ W X 50″ L, Wildkin Nap Mats have plenty of leg room for young children and are sure to last your child through kindergarten.

Shopping for a nap mat for pre-k doesn’t have to be stressful, thanks to the kid experts at Wildkin. We love our Wildkin Nap Mat and I know you will too! Be sure to check out all the great nap mat designs on Wildkin’s website and follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for great giveaways and updates.

I partnered with Wildkin in exchange for a free item. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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