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Why You Should Rent Before Buying a Home

While there is no best age to buy a house, I recommend you rent before buying. Even as a young married couple, there are many reasons why buying a house right away is wrong. If you are thinking of buying a house, consider these topics for why you should rent before buying.

Renting verses buying a house

When I got married, there was so much pressure to buy a house, but thankfully, we decided against it and rented a house first. Had we bought a house right away, we would have been miserable and the house would have been in the wrong location and not at all what we wanted. USA, LLC

Looking into buying a house before you rent, check out the 9 things we learned from renting before buying.

Location Matters More Than You Think

 Purchasing a home is a big decision, so location has to matter. For instance, there was once a time when I thought I could buy a townhouse and be happy, but then I had three kids my plans kind of changed. My kids like to be loud and love their room to run outside, so townhouse living would not have worked for us. Had we purchased the townhouse, we would have probably ended up with some less than happy neighbors and we would have been miserable. When you decide to buy a house you need to take into account how far you are from family, schools – for kids you may or may not already have, and weather in the winter.

On the other hand, renting a house is a lot different. If you hate the location where you are living you can usually move in a year or so. Renting gives you the option to discover what your needs are and where the perfect location you want to live is.

How Your House Heats Is A Bigger Issue Than You Think

Buying a home for the first time, you may not realize how important the way a house heats really is. Depending on your house payment, budget, and if you’ve been able to get out of your debt, you may not be sure what you’re up against when it comes to heating a house. The way any house heats can quickly become a financial burden if you have no idea what you are doing. Heating a house with fuel oil, for example, is probably one of the most expensive ways to heat a home – especially in a cold area. Heating a home with fuel oil can quickly deplete a budget, but so can any of the other ways you heat a home. If you know nothing about heating a home, renting for a while could be a great option.

Usually when you rent a home you gain experience with different heating sources and you can determine what one is best for you. For example, if you think cutting firewood looks fun to do for the rest of your life, you should at least try it once. Other than paying for your heating source, you may want to look into how expensive it is to do chimney upkeep or replacing items when something goes bad. You also may want to look into the size of a house because bigger houses are known to be harder to heat.

Bedroom Layout Means A Lot When You Have Kids

Bedroom layout of a house may not mean much when you are buying a house when you are 23, but when you have kids, bedroom layout can mean the world. I can’t begin to tell you all the houses I would have thought were perfect before kids, but now that I have three kids, I would cringe at the layout of the bedrooms. When buying a house, you have to consider how big your family is going to be, if you will have room to expand, if needed, and if you want your room near your kid’s room.

When you are renting a house, you don’t have to consider most of the things you do when you buy and therefore, renting may even be cheaper for a while. Renting gives you the chance to experience different room layouts and bedroom sizes, so when you buy your home you get exactly what you want.

Living In a Rural Area Verses City

Living in the city may sound like a dream come true when you’re 22, but when you have kids you may not want to be in the city any more. Buying a home before renting, you may not have a chance to move out of the city when you decide you want to live in a more rural area. Although, both rural areas and cities have their disadvantages, knowing how you want your kids to grow up can greatly affect what kind of house you buy.

Whether buying or renting, you will always need to take into account the time and money it takes to maintain a yard, driveway, or car to commute to the city or nearest store. Making sure you look into all the pros and cons of buying or renting a house in the city or rural area is vital to being happy.

How Big Do You Want Your Rooms To Be

However big you decide you want your rooms to be is something you may not completely know if you don’t rent before buying a home. The size of your rooms when you buy a house is something that you’re stuck with unless you decide to put a lot of money into remodeling the house. Knowing how many kids and what you want to do with a house before you buy is always smart.

When you rent, you have the option to know what kind of rooms you will want and how many you will need. Do you want your own office that isn’t in a closet or will your kids have a toy room or have to share a room? Knowing all of this information before you buy is very helpful it also helps to ensure your happiness in a house.

You also may want to consider how hard a house will be to clean, especially if you are looking into a huge house.

Yard Space is Important

The size of any yard, or having a yard is a very important decision when you are purchasing a house. Considering upkeep on any yard takes a lot of time and money, you may not realize you really don’t or do want a yard when you are buying a home. Renting a house gives you the time to try both ways of life.

When moving into a house with no yard, you always have to consider where your family will play and if you really can sacrifice having your own garden. On the other hand, finding the perfect sized yard is also crucial. If you absolutely have to have a yard, make sure you have the time to maintain it and the money to keep it mowed.

Closet Sizes

Ironically, closet space was the one thing I wanted in my house when we bought one, but it was also the one thing we never paid attention to before we bought our house. We ended up moving into a house that had no closets and we had to scramble to find a place to put all of our clothes and other stuff. 

Having a closet in any house is very vital to make sure you have enough space to put everything. When you’re buying a home, you need to make sure your closets are big enough to hold all your family’s belongings. Renting a house, gives you the opportunity to experiment with different closet sizes and spaces.

 Basements Aren’t Always Great to Have

One of the first homes my husband and I ever rented had a gross basement. I never really thought it would bother me when we moved in, but it was where I had to do laundry and where the wood stove was.  I realized real fast, I would never want a house with a basement that was gross like that one. So, when we started looking into buying a home, I insisted we stray away from any house that had a nasty basement. Knowing what you want in a basement, or if you want one, is something that strongly needs to be considered before buying a house. And, ladies, if you have to go to the basement, be sure to have one that you feel comfortable being in.

Fixing a House Up Is Not Always As Fun As It Looks

At one time in my life, I was willing to fix up a house, even if that meant we would buy before renting. But, after living in a few houses that needed a lot of work while we were living there, I realized fixing up a house takes a lot of money and time. Unless you have a good amount of money to flip a house, or the skills, buying a house that needs no fixing is probably better for you.

He Shed, She Shed, Garage?

My husband has a ton of man junk, so keeping  his junk in the house was never something I considered, we had to have a garage. If you plan on having tools, or are fascinated with the new He Shed, She Sheds, you may want to consider a home that already has one.

Tell me, did you rent before buying your home? 

 *Disclosure – These are just opinions and are in no way considered professional advice. 

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