Why You Feel So Tired, All the Time

by Crystal Carder
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After I gave birth to my first son, I was always feeling tired. And, honestly, I had no reason to feel that way. My son slept through the night and my husband was a wonderful hands-on father, so I was a little worried when I started to feel like I could no longer function.

So, when I made an appointment to see my primary care doctor, I was expecting to hear I needed tons of blood work, some CT scans and whatever else doctors order, but instead, she pushed me aside and said, you’re a mom that’s probably why you’re so tired. I left the doctors feeling a little annoyed, of course, I’m a mom, but I knew my body wasn’t tired because I was a mom, there had to be another reason. So, I did some research and found these common reasons for being overly tired:

Not sleeping enough. Not to state the obvious, but not sleeping enough can make you really tired. Just missing a few hours of sleep for 1 night, can really mess up your body’s sleeping habits and cause you to feel tired for days, or weeks to come.

You’re not moving around enough. I remember those days of being a new mom. I would literally sit all day and hold my baby; he needed me and, of course, it didn’t help that he refused to let me put him down. I was always so tired on those days. I would have such a hard time staying awake, that I would go through so much coffee, but I never felt like anything ever helped me feel less fatigue. Not moving around enough can actually cause your body to become bored and tired. Research has shown that just moving around a little bit, can actually boost your energy levels, hence, waking you up and making you feel more refreshed.

You’re sick. Whenever your sick, your body needs its rest. So, if you’re starting to feel tired out of the ordinary, there is always a possibility that you’re sick and just don’t know it yet. Cancers, cases of flu, mono, and many other sicknesses can cause your body to feel tired and worn out. It is always a good idea to check with your doctor if you start feeling more tired than normal.

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You are stressed or depressed. Your mental health is very important to your whole health. Being depressed or stressed can cause your body and mind to be more tired. A lot of times, people who are stressed, have trouble sleeping, meanwhile, people who are depressed, tend to sleep too much, leading them to feel exhausted and worn out.

You’re pregnant. Of course, this can only be for the women, but if there is a possibility of pregnancy, and you begin feeling more tired than normal, there is always a chance you could be pregnant. During the first trimester of pregnancy, a change in the body’s hormones can cause you to feel overly tired and fatigued, causing you to sleep longer than normal. If you think you may be pregnant, be sure to follow up with your doctor.


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