What to Do When You Need Out of Your Hotel Stay

When I was younger, my parents booked us a trip to Disney World and my mom was super excited because she had just saved us a ton of money by booking online.

The hotel’s booking page showed the hotel to be gorgeous and it was in the heart of Kissimmee. We thought it was going to be the perfect place to spend a week until, we pulled into the parking lot and saw a ran-down hotel.

This hotel looked nothing like the pictures and when we checked into our room, we were horrified with what we saw. From disgusting toilets to stained comforters, my parents immediately packed us back into the car then went and begged for our money back, which was supposed to be non-refundable. USA, LLC

Get Out of a Bad Hotel Stay

Nowadays, there are so many ways to keep this from happening, like using a booking company or reading reviews before booking. But, if you’re ever in a bind and need or want out of your room, most hotels usually have some sort of policy especially if:

– The room you booked or was given is dirty. Mind you, if your room is dirty, you must let the staff know asap and DO NOT use anything from the room. Normally, if you’re room is dirty, most hotels have to let you out of your hotel agreement and pay your money back; though, a lot of these hotels will argue with you, so make sure you know what you’re talking about (throw-up on the bed, hair on toilet, etc…). P.S. a tiny spot on the toilet usually does not count as a dirty room.
– You stayed two of your three days, but want to leave sooner than expected – This one can be tricky, BUT if you can let the hotel know ahead of time and give them a legitimate reason, SOMEtimes hotels will let you out of your agreement for the remaining additional nights. I highly recommend using 3rd party services like Expedia to book because they will (sometimes) call the hotel on your behalf plus they can normally make some kind of deal with the hotel to refund your money.

– You don’t like the hotel – On my family’s trip to Myrtle Beach, last year, we booked a $200 room by the ocean, but when we got into it, we hated the room, so we let the hotel staff know. Instead of getting mad at us, the hotel actually informed us they had a guarantee policy and would gladly give us our money back, so it always pays to know the policies.

And, if those don’t do the trick and you’re really unhappy, you may have to call corporate, if your hotel is part of a bigger chain. In fact, a few years ago, I booked a room in Orlando, FL and found it utterly disgusting, but when I asked for my money back, the hotel owner completely denied anything me my money back. Of course, our family didn’t stay there and left, so after getting back home, I called corporate. The corporate people were extremely apologetic and actually refunded our money! *When dealing with corporate, it always pays to have photos to back up your accusations.


While, some of these tips may require some amount of stress, try to remain nice to hotel staff because that will always look better for you. Just remember, if you’re willing to fight for it, most of the time you can get your money back, just not EVERY time.

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