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What I’m Listening To, Right Now – 10 Songs I Can’t Get Enough Of

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Ever since I found the VIBBIDI app, I’ve found myself listening to music more than ever. Thankfully, VIBBIDDI introduces me to songs that I wouldn’t normally listen to.

If you’re looking for some new, fresh music, check out these 10 songs that have been playing non-stop on my playlist:

Kane Brown, What’s Mine Is Yours

Kane Brown may have just released the hit song, Heaven, but What’s Mine is Yours is currently the song playing on repeat right now. 

Luke Combs, One Number Away

Luke Combs is going somewhere. I fell in love with his first hit, Hurricane and then, When It Rains it Pours was released and now, One Number Away is here and I’m officially obsessed. Okay, so I can’t decide if I like the video or the song more? I mean seriously, that ending! Ugh, I need to know more…! Did the girl die, are they going to get back together, what happens!!!

Carrie Underwood & Ludacris, Champion

I played this song once and my kids immediately caught the fever. This song is catchy and I definitely see it catching on as a workout song.

Zedd, Grey, Maren Morris, The Middle

Every time this song comes on, I have a hard time not singing along. Warning: If you haven’t heard this song yet, it’s pretty catchy.

Keith Urban, Parallel Lines

Keith Urban is known for his incredible voice and guitar playing skills; but I seriously don’t think I have ever heard Keith sing the way he does in Parallel Lines. Keith’s voice is so raw – I love it!

Brett Young, Mercy

Not only does Brett Young have a unique voice, but the video to Mercy is probably another one of my favorites. The emotion these two share in this video is so believable!

Dan + Shay, Tequila

If you’ve ever had your heartbroken, you will totally get the words of Tequila… BTW, the video is just as good as the song.

Jason Aldean, Rearview Town 

This song totally gets me where I’m at right now – just without the break-up part.

Maroon 5, Wait

I don’t remember liking Maroon 5, as much as I do now, when I was younger. Maroon 5’s, Wait, is another catchy song like Sugar, but sounds totally different.

Anthem Lights, Easter Medley

These guys popped up on my Facebook a while back and I quickly liked their sound, but this Easter Medley is amazing! Totally, worth the listen.

While I could quickly add more songs to this list, I’ll save those for another time. In the meantime, check these 10 songs out – you’ll be glad you did!

What songs are on your playlist? Any you would add?


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