Wellness CORE Small Breed Dog Food is Perfect for Little Dogs Like Teddy

by Crystal Carder

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This post is sponsored by Wellness CORE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

A few days ago, we had quite the scare. Our Teddy got attacked in our yard by another animal. We had done the same thing we had done since Teddy was a puppy, we left him out to go to the bathroom and a few minutes later I heard Teddy whine. I told Michael to let Teddy in from outside, but he wasn’t coming. Michael did some more investigating and we found poor Teddy laying up on our upper deck.

Teddy never goes to the upper deck, so we figure the poor guy must have been running for his life. When we got Teddy inside, he was bleeding and we had to make a trip to the emergency vet near Morgantown, West Virginia. When we got there, they said Teddy was definitely attacked by some type of animal, but they would need to do more test to make sure Teddy would be okay. After some x-rays, it showed Teddy had no broken bones, but a ton of muscle damage. The poor guy was lucky. He left the vet with antibiotics, a rabies shot, and a quarantine order. Basically, Teddy cannot be around other animals and people for 45-days just because we don’t know if the animal that attacked him was vaccinated.

Teddy’s been home for a little while now and starting to do better, but with all his muscle damage, I decided Teddy should change his diet from his original dog food to a dog food that is more focused on small breed dogs. That’s when I found out about Wellness® CORE® Small Breed dog food.

Wellness CORE Pet food

About Wellness CORE Small Breed Pet Food

Wellness® CORE® is a family of natural, grain-free, protein-rich meals, treats, and toppers that is big on protein and flavor. Available in dry, wet, and treats, Wellness CORE pet products provide just the right amount of nutrition to help little dogs, like Teddy, thrive.

Small Breed Dog Food That is Helping Teddy Thrive

When Teddy got hurt, we seriously didn’t know if Teddy would make it. The whole family was so scared. If there was ever a time to realize how much you love your pet, it was then and there. All we could think about is how excited Teddy probably was to see another animal, that he would have never had time to react. 

Thankfully, Teddy’s recovering well, but when you love your pet as much as we love Teddy, we want to make sure he’s getting a tasty, nutrition-filled meal. With Wellness CORE RawRev Small Breed Pet food, making sure Teddy gets the nutrition he needs during this time couldn’t be any easier.

Every time it’s time for Teddy to eat, he gobbles Wellness CORE RawRev dog food right down. Normally, Teddy is a picky eater, but RawRev’s small breed pet food has 100% raw meat pieces that Teddy loves.

Whenever Teddy finishes eating his dry dog food, we’ve even been rewarding Teddy with Wellness CORE Petite Treats that are just as protein-rich and high nutrient-rich as RawRev dog food.

On special occasions, we’ve even been able to spoil Teddy with his new favorite wet dog food, Wellness CORE Mini Meals. Since Wellness CORE Mini Meals come in many unique flavors and are specially formulated for small breeds, I feel confident knowing that Teddy is eating well.

To learn more about Wellness CORE Small Breed dog food items click HERE. To learn about where to purchase Wellness CORE click HERE.

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Theresa May 3, 2019 - 12:00 am

So glad Teddy is ok! My Chihuahua is enjoying the dog food too. Teddy is so adorable.

Crystal Carder May 3, 2019 - 5:41 am

Thank you! It definitely was a scare of a lifetime!


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