We Went to the Jurassic World Live Tour in Pittsburgh!

by Crystal Carder
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Living on one income, our family can’t always afford to do the cool thing when it comes to town, so sometimes our kids miss out on things that they really want to do. I try to find ways to afford to take the kids to fun and exciting events, but rest assured, it’s not always easy scoring free event tickets.

Fortunately, though, last week I found out I had won a contest and won a family pack of tickets to Feld Entertainment’s newest live show, Jurassic World Live Tour in Pittsburgh. The show which opened in Pittsburgh yesterday, was one I had already been seeing a lot of fuss about, so the whole family couldn’t wait to go.

Before Thursday, though, I had decided to check out some reviews online and see what the show was about. Unfortunately, that almost kept us from going to the show. The reviews online were almost completely all negative. While some people tried to remind others that the show was a kid show, I couldn’t get over some of the reviews that stated the dinosaurs looked fake and the actors lip-synced and didn’t even “actually” talk. After voicing my concern with Michael we decided we needed a night out and the hour and a half drive to Pittsburgh is always fun, so we decided to go and see for ourselves what Jurassic World Live Tour actually was.

Since the show opened on Thursday night, that meant the kids would have school the next day and we would get a late start leaving. What we didn’t realize is, how close we would be pushing it to get to the show. Between traffic jams and stopping for food, we almost didn’t make it to the show in time.

Jurassic World Live Tour: A Really Honest Review

After going to so many events inside the PPG Paints Arena, I’m not going to lie, the place was packed! It was seriously more busy than I think we’ve ever saw it for any of the shows.

After finally making our way to the will-call station for tickets and finding our seats, we made it just in time for the show to start. Once the show started, it looked like it would be really exciting.

We Went to the Jurassic World Live Tour in Pittsburgh! 82

The music got loud, a dinosaur came out and things started out good. But, after about 10-minutes or so, the show was almost insanely boring. I found myself looking around to other parents who seemed to be playing on their phones and looking around and thought to myself, all those online reviews were completely accurate.

We Went to the Jurassic World Live Tour in Pittsburgh! 83

Once I got a chance, I asked my kids what they thought of the show and all three of them (even my movie loving 9 year old) thought the show was boring. Intermission came and we decided to give it one more shot, but we found ourselves leaving halfway through the show. Though the show tried to be funny and exciting, they completely failed.

My 5-year old daughter even pointed out that the dinosaurs were just people walking with a costume on. Though the bigger dinosaur was a dinosaur on wheels, the show did a horrible job concealing the actor’s legs inside the dinosaur and it was almost too hard not to notice the dinosaur’s extra legs from under the costume.

We Went to the Jurassic World Live Tour in Pittsburgh! 84

While Michael and I have watched Jurassic World on television, this show’s storyline was just plain horrible. I personally wasn’t a fan, but if you are in Pittsburgh, you can check the show out for yourself tonight through Sunday.

Have you seen the Jurassic World Live Tour yet, what did you think?

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