Ways to Make Christmas Eve Special with Kids

by Crystal Carder
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When I was a kid, Christmas Eve was my favorite day of the year. It was the one day, every year when my whole family got together (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc…). My grandmothers would always throw a huge family Christmas Party and we would eat and hang out with family. Every year, it was always so much fun.

Unfortunately, now that I am older, times have changed. Although we all try to do a Christmas Eve party, every year, it’s not always possible. With busy schedules, coordinating over 100 people’s schedules to work out, doesn’t always work out.

With three kids of my own, I want my kids to experience the joy of Christmas Eve, as I did. That’s why every year, my family does something different to make Christmas Eve special for the kids.

If you are looking for a way to make Christmas Eve special for your kids, I hope these ideas help you out.

Making Christmas Eve Special for Kids

Have a Christmas Eve Party

I often hear people disappointed that they haven’t been invited to Christmas Eve parties. Well, the fun thing about having your own kids and family is that you don’t need to be invited to any fancy Christmas parties because you can make your own!

Whenever you’re making your own Christmas Party with just your kids and family, you can keep things as laid back as possible. Maybe play some fun games and eat food all day long. The choice is up to you.

Let the Kids Open 1 Small Gift

As a kid, my parents always gave us a small gift to open on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t ever much, but my sisters and I used to wait all day for that gift.

If you can’t afford to let your kids each open a gift on Christmas Eve, consider buying for each other at Dollar Tree and opening them on Christmas Eve.

Spend All-day Watching Classic Christmas Movies

Unfortunately, everyone is always too busy to watch Christmas movies anymore. That’s why Christmas Eve is the perfect time to cuddle in pj’s all day and watch classic Christmas movies.

Some of my favorite classic movies include; Home Alone, Charlie Brown Christmas, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Bake Cookies for Santa

I know most people bake their cookies for Santa ahead of time, but if you haven’t already, baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve is a great idea!

Not only will the cookies be fresh for Santa, but you can also start a new family Christmas tradition.

Go Caroling

If you have a knack for singing, going Christmas caroling is a great way to teach children the magic of Christmas.

While some places may require special permits and such to do caroling, you can always offer to go sing at a local nursing home.

Does your family have any special Christmas Eve traditions?

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How to Make Christmas Eve a Success for Kids


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