VIBBIDI Releases It’s New Online Music Platform

by Crystal Carder
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It’s been a few weeks now since VIBBIDI has officially launched its new online music platform and its far more exciting than I could have ever imagined!

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I was an early adapter to VIBBIDI. I have been in touch with app developers and they have been working super hard to make this new user-generated site the best place for music lovers!

Now that the new VIBBIDI website has launched, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer use the VIBBIDI app, it just means the app will not be getting any new updates and VIBBIDI has decided to completely focus their efforts to making a whole social music network online.

So, What’s Changed?

With the launch of the new VIBBIDI website, comes a few changes, but they are totally ones that I feel VIBBIDI has needed for a while.

The new website now features artist narratives, written by – you guessed it – users VIBBIDI. These narratives provide so much information including, artist background, life, and even some musical debates. As of now, anyone can submit a narrative, but it must be approved by the website team.

Besides narratives, the site has also launched a brand new points system. Users can now earn points and gain star recognition by helping VIBBIDI with adding song videos and other much-needed artist information. In order to get points, each submission must be carefully viewed, points are usually rewarded within two days.

Final Thoughts:

While I loved using VIBBIDI on my phone, the new website is definitely worth the switch. If you like to feel like you’re part of something big, the website is still all user-generated.

Thankfully, other than changing platforms, VIBBIDI is still pretty much the same – just now accessible on the computer, too.

If you haven’t tried VIBBIDI yet, what are you waiting for? This new platform is going to be huge and, it’s all free to use!!

To visit the new VIBBIDI website just go HERE. To follow me on VIBBIDI, click HERE

Let me know what you think in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

This post is NOT sponsored. Although I have talked to app developers, I am only writing about VIBBIDI because its a site I truly love.

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