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How to Cater Your Own Wedding

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Growing up my parents taught me the value of a dollar, so when my husband proposed to me, having a big fancy wedding was never in the plans. But, as time went by and invites started to be sent out (to just family) we realized our families were pretty large and we had over 200 guest RSVP.

So, when the time came to hire a caterer,  my husband and I called all of the local places that we could find, but most of the places wanted ridiculous prices per plate and their options were limited.

One night, after talking over the issue with my mother, my mom came up with a brilliant idea and offered to cater our wedding FREE of charge and we would just pick up the food. At first, I was kind of hesitant, but I knew my mother could cook and it would cost a LOT less than a traditional caterer, so we agreed.

Cater your own wedding these tips

With six months of planning and deal seeking, my mother along with the help of my sisters and I, successfully catered my wedding! We were able to offer foods like;  mashed potatoes, roast beef, chicken, vegetables, rolls, drinks and everything else any cater would offer.


Thanks to my wonderful mother, my husband and I had around $400 in our wedding food and cake as compared to the cheapest catering quote at $1600!!

Are you thinking of catering your wedding too? Here are some tips you should read before you make the decision to cater a wedding on your own:

Make sure you have someone to cook

Sure, there are people out there who say they can cook, like your Aunt Doris, but have you ever actually tasted her cooking? Don’t just take someone’s word for it, taste-test, you’ll be glad you did!

Do you or your cook do well under pressure? 

Your cook will be forced into the kitchen ALL DAY, make sure he/she will be able to focus on the food. Not only will there be the pressure of the rehearsal dinner to get to, but wedding mishaps also happen; be sure that, whoever you choose to make your food, can work under pressure and get everything done in a timely manner.

Storage/ Refrigerators

When my husband and I got married, we used our local fire-hall for our reception area which allowed for plenty of planning ahead and storage. Having a proper area to store all your wedding food is essential to being able to cater your own wedding. Perhaps, check with friends and family about storing food, if your reception venue won’t allow you to use their resources.

Be willing to designate a baker for the cake 

Your cook will be busy cooking all day, so be sure to designate a special person for a cake. (You can actually save money on cakes by asking around and finding local bakers). Below is a picture of our wedding cake, which only cost us $100 and had people talking for days!!

Make sure whoever cooks for you, is clean.

Believe it or not, I have actually been to a wedding where the cook wasn’t too clean; bugs were crawling and the people who took the time to realize it, was disgusted.

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