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Thomas Nelson NKJV Word Study Bible Review

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*Disclosure: I received a sample of this book in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy HERE.

When I was younger, I heard someone say that no one could possibly ever understand the whole bible. Though, I’ve tried in the past, there have been many parts of the bible that I’ve had a hard time understanding. So, when I got the opportunity to review the Thomas Nelson NKJV Word Study Bible, I was hoping it would finally give me the insights I needed.

From first look, this bible is perfect in every way; it has a nice hardcover backing, decent colors and when you flip the bible open, the pages look nicely organized and easy-to-read.

But, when you continue to look through this bible, it becomes a big disappointment. This bible claims that there are 1,700 key words that unlock the meaning of the bible. First off, I don’t believe that there is a magical code that is going to unlock the bible. I believe the only way someone is going to really unlock the bible is by doing lots of studying. This book could really make someone think that by buying it, they would understand the bible without much work. If the bible was meant to be that simple, people wouldn’t have been studying it for thousands of years.

And, even if there was a magic code to the bible, I don’t think that simple words like tempt would be part of the key to the bible. For me, this bible makes it hard to understand how exactly the publishers picked and choose these magic words.

Thomas Nelson NKJV Word Study Bible

Fast-forward to the explanation of these magic code-words and it’s more like this bible is trying to do what the Strongs Books already do.

While I am obviously not a fan of the study part of this bible, I would recommend the Thomas Nelson NKJV Word Study Bible as just a bible. This book has all the books of the bible and it uses the classic red for God’s word. It even has a nice page to put your name inside.

With all of the negative reviews that I’ve read, I really wish I could have given the  Thomas Nelson NKJV Word Study Bible a better one, but I can’t.

If you would like to judge the Thomas Nelson NKJV Word Study Bible for yourself, you can purchase it through this LINK.


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