The Shocking Reasons You Don’t Want to Jump on the RV Craze

by Crystal Carder
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A few years ago, Michael and I had just sold our house and we had considered living in an RV full time and traveling the country. We thought it would be amazing living in an RV and we thought we would save a ton of money. Needless to say, we took a leap of faith and jumped in on the RV craze.

We seriously thought it was what we wanted to do. After all, we own some ground and we figured we could park the RV on our ground and stay there when we weren’t traveling. Everything would be perfect.

We had thought we were doing the right thing by buying an RV, so we finally found a new one near Charlotte, North Carolina that we thought would be perfect.

It had all of the bells and whistles. It had the double bunkhouse, outside kitchen, and everything else we thought we wanted to make traveling in an RV comfortable.

Fast forward two months into having the RV, the RV never left our ground and it wasn’t at all what we thought it would be. Turns out Michael and I completely messed up by getting the RV and we realized we weren’t the camping type of people after all.

There’s so much talk of luxury living in an RV online, that NO one ever tells you the downside to it. Rather than let you make your own mistake, I’m telling you why jumping on the RV craze may not be for you. (And trust me, we’ve been there and done that!)

What I Wished We Knew Before We Bought an RV

weekend trip to Charlotte

Having an RV is Really Expensive

Of course, having an RV doesn’t (always) cost near what it cost to have a home, it’s still very expensive.

One of the things no one ever tells you is all the fees associated with living in an RV. You have things like:

  • Campsites -which can range over $40 a night without any types of luxuries and as low as a few hundred dollars a month.
  • Generators & gas to run them
  • RV & truck payments – if you have a travel trailer you need both of these, if its just a driving RV your payment will probably still be pretty hefty.
  • Gas, gas, gas!!! This can be an expense in its self!!
  • Vehicle maintenance

Gas Prices!

I know we just talked about how RVs are expensive, but one of the biggest expenses is gas. It takes so much gas for a truck to pull a camper or for you to drive a motor home that you’re lucky to average 10 miles a gallon.

Once you take into account gas prices, gas mileage and all those other expenses, it’s actually (sometimes) cheaper to book a hotel room.

Staying Too Close Too Other People

I grew up in a rural setting where the closet neighbor was far enough away that you could still enjoy your privacy. It’s the same way I live now. That’s why when we jumped on the RV craze, we had no idea how close most campsites park campers.

Unless you’re willing to stay in your camper with no electric or water hookups, you’re parked extremely close to other people. While I’ve heard you can make a lot of friends camping, being that close to other campers is a little too much for my comfort.

While there are many perks to living in a camper, these are some of things you should consider before you make the move and jump on the RV craze. For more tips about travel check out my travel section in the menu at the top of this page.

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