The Pulse8 Massage Gun That You NEED Right Now!

by Crystal Carder
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The Pulse8 Massage Gun is unlike any massager you’ve ever used. Designed to use therapeutic waves to provide a powerful full body massage, this massage gun will help relieve sore tissues and stiff, aching muscles, improve posture boost vitality , and enhance sensory awareness.

I’m turning 30 this year and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m already starting to feel some of those aches and pains that go along with getting older. To help relieve some of the aches and pains that I have been having, I turned to the Pulse8 Percussion Massage Gun.

And, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! 

Pulse8 Massage Gun You Need

At a price point of a little over $200, making that initial investment was a little scary. After-all, $200 is a LOT of money. Thankfully, though, I didn’t let the price tag keep me from purchasing this massage gun because it does way more than regular massagers could ever do! This massage gun is actually quite impressive. 

The Pulse8 Massage Gun That You NEED Right Now! 81

The Pulse8 Massage Gun isn’t as scary to use as it sounds. While it’s considered a massage gun, it does not actually hurt you to use. In fact, it feels tickly and, oh so good on sore tissues and stiff muscles.

To use the Pulse8 Percussion Massage Gun, you do have to plug it in to charge, but once it is charged, the massager is completely wireless and the battery will last up to 6-hours with one charge. Besides the long, wireless battery power, this massage gun is also very quiet. Meaning, you can use it practically whenever, wherever you want without anyone noticing.

Once you’re ready to use the massager, it does come with 6 interchangeable massage heads and has 5 levels of intensity. 

To see how the Pulse8 Massage Gun works, see the video from Pulse8 below.

My Experience with the Pulse8 Massage Gun

While I don’t normally like to review products so soon after getting it, the Pulse8 Massage Gun is too good to keep to myself! This massager literally does more for sore aches and muscles than a regular massage could ever do.

Whenever you’re using the Pulse8 Percussion Massage Gun it can feel uncomfortable at times. But with 5 levels of intensity, there’s a level that feels good for everyone. Though the feeling from the massager can be pretty intense, at times, once you are done using it on your muscles, you will feel amazing! 

Pulse8 Massage Gun Review

In fact, my husband has been complaining of pain near  his shoulder for quite some time. So when we got Pulse8 Massage Gun, we decided to try it near his painful shoulder. It was so easy for us to use with it’s non-slip handle and ergonomic design, that after just 5-minutes of using the massager near his shoulder, we couldn’t believe the result.

He was actually able to feel a huge difference. He could move his shoulder more than he had been able to in months! He even stated his shoulder felt better! Since getting the massager, we’ve been using it on him every day and the difference is uncanny.

Though I will admit, the massage gun may not be for everyone, I love the Pulse8 Massage Gun and actually look forward to using it in the evenings after playing outside with my kids. 

If you’re thinking a Pulse8 Massage Gun may be what you need, don’t wait! Everything about this massager is ‘wow’!

To learn more about the Pulse8 Massage Gun click HERE.

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Pulse8 Massage Gun Review

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