The One Minute Miracle Wash That Gets Even the Toughest Odors Out

by Crystal Carder
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I received a free item, but was not required to write about it. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

A few weeks ago, my sister and her husband had their house catch fire. It was absolutely devastating. They lost most of their belongings, but thankfully no one was home when the house caught fire, so they were all safe.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of smoke that was in the house, the stuff that wasn’t burnt up, ended up smelling of smoke. While most of their items were able to be replaced, there were some items that were irreplaceable. These items were ones that had special meaning and were given by special people and one item was even my niece’s special blankie.

When I saw how much the thought of my niece loosing her blankie, after loosing her house, was I knew I had to step in and do something to help.

That’s when I found Tide Miracle One Wash.

The One Minute Miracle Wash That Gets Even the Toughest Odors Out 73

We’ve always loved Tide for our clothing, but I had no idea Tide had a wash that was specially designed to get rid of even the toughest odors.

While this stuff is a bit pricey and each container is only good for one wash, I am so glad I found it! Tide One Wash Miracle literally cleans your favorite items in just one wash – there’s never a need to rewash and wash again. When your items are finished washing they smell as good as new, plus they have that wonderful Tide detergent smell that we all love!

To learn more about Tide One Wash Miracle visit this LINK for a special $5 off coupon!

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