The Most Important Things to Do After Starting Your Blog

by Crystal Carder
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So you’ve started a blog. You’ve created your first blog post, you’ve hit publish, and now you’re wondering, what do I do now? There are a ton of things you should be doing after starting your blog and some of the things are really important.

To get the most from your blog and learn how to make a money-making blog, you should complete these simple task as soon as you start your blog.

The Most Important Things to Do After Starting Your Blog

The Most Important Things to Do After Starting Your Blog 81

Create a Google Analytics Account

One of the most important things you should do after creating your blog is to sign up for a free Google Analytics account. A Google Analytics account will tell you how many people are visiting your site, how long they are staying on your site (bounce rate), and where people are visiting from. Keeping an eye on your Google Analytics account will help you know if your marketing strategies are working, or if you need to try other means of SEO (search engine optimization) to get visitors to your website.

Google Analytics not only helps you track important blogging metrics, but it also is fundamental for working with brands. Many brands will ask you for your Google Analytics reports before deciding to work with you, or determining your worth.

Since Google Analytics tracks using a small code that is placed on your website, it’s important to get your Google Analytics tracking code on your website as soon as you start your blog.

Sign up for your free Google Analytic account by clicking HERE.

Create Social Media Pages for Your Blog

Social media is very important for creating a money-making blog. Social media allows you to gain followers and earn more money. In fact, you can not only earn money with a blog, but you can earn money with social media post too.

While the thought of managing social media pages may be daunting, you should focus on at least one platform. The four social media platforms you should have are: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Focusing on any other social media sites, at this time, is pointless. These 4 social media platforms are the only ones companies usually ask for when creating a blog post.

Having social media accounts for your blog is a great marketing tool and can help your post get noticed.

This is an example of an Instagram post I recently did for a campaign.

Join Blogger Communities

To be a pro-blogger, it’s a fulltime job. It takes lots of work and there’s never free time. That’s why so many new bloggers get blogger burnout. Whenever you’re blogging, you need a support network of people that understand what you’re going through.

Facebook is great for finding blogger communities and there are literally thousands of blogging groups to help you make a successful blogging career. To find blogger communities on Facebook just type blog and look under the “group” section. When you find a group that sounds like what you want, hit join and wait for an approval.

To find the best blogger communities, I suggest joining as many as possible and then leaving the ones that are irrelevant to you.

Sign up for Affiliate Networks & Blogger Networks

One of the best things you can do after starting your blog is to sign up for affiliate networks and blogger networks. These are the networks that help you get paid to blog and they will help your blog become a money-making blog. 

Most blogger networks require a certain amount of followers or pageviews before approving your application, but that can be a great motivation to make your blog better.

As far as affiliate networks, these are the companies that allow you to get paid a small amount for selling a product from your favorite store. While some affiliate networks have strict guidelines to join, Amazon has a really easy affiliate network that lets almost anyone join. Although you probably won’t earn a full-time income on affiliate ads, just starting out, you may earn a few extra dollars a month.

If you want to make income on your blog, fast, you should start applying to blogger & affiliate networks right away. Don’t get discouraged if your applications keep getting denied, its just part of the job – keep trying! This website has a whole list of blogger & affiliate networks to sign up for – Click Here.

Set Up A Separate Email for Your Blog

Whenever you start your blog, you need everything to be professional. After all, a blog is a business and when you are trying to make money with it, it needs to have an email that matches your blog. For example, my blog is Crystal Carder, so my email is I had to use the one because crystalcarder was already taken, but as you can see, my email still looks professional.

Whenever I email a company, companies don’t red flag my email as being suspicious and they know that Crystal Carder is indeed the one contacting them. Not only will a separate email look good for your blog, but it will also be easier to filter out blogging opportunities from personal emails.

Share Your Page With Friends & Family

Getting your blog out there is going to take a lot of work, so if you have friends and family who are willing to help, invite them to like your social media pages and read your blog post. While friends and family most likely won’t help forever, it is a good way to get out there in the beginning.

If you’ve just started a blog, I hope these tasks help you become a successful money-making blog. Just remember blogs take patience, some of us are successful right away, while others take years to even earn a dollar.

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The Most Important Things to Do After Starting Your Blog 82 The Most Important Things to Do After Starting Your Blog 81

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