The Kids Got Bunnies!

by Crystal Carder
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If it seems like I’ve been a little less active these past few days, it’s because we’ve been pretty darn busy here at the Carder household – we got bunnies!! It was kind of one of those spur of the moment decisions, but once we got the idea in our heads, there was no stopping us.

We Got the Kids Bunny Rabbits

So, Monday morning, Michael spent the majority of the morning building the rabbits a pretty awesome rabbit hutch, complete with nesting rooms.

Then once that was done, we had to find the rabbits. This was the part I thought would be easy, but I was so wrong! ?

Turns out even though we live near many Amish families, most of them stopped selling rabbits (of course, right). So we spent the majority of the day searching for rabbits, and we failed.

By the time the kids got home, they were aching to find their bunny rabbits, so we sat out once again and headed into Pennsylvania to ask other Amish families if they had bunnies. This time we finally got lucky and our kids got the rabbits they were aching for.

Brantley got a brown one, whom he named Grizzly. Cayden got one that almost looked wild and named him Coyote and Zoey, well she got Snow White, an Albano white bunny rabbit.

The Kids Got Bunnies! 82

Since boy and girl bunnies can’t be together, we were so thankful when we realized we forgot to check to see if the rabbits were male or female and they all turned out to be sisters!

Of course, that left us with the idea that we would need a male bunny rabbit soon. We thought we would wait to get the male until the kid’s bunnies got used to them, but they got spoiled so fast.

The Kids Got Bunnies! 83

The Kids Got Bunnies! 84

Their rabbits literally love being babied and these kids are doing great with the responsibility of taking care of them.

Meanwhile, since we were having such a hard time finding rabbits on Monday we put in a lot of calls and asked for help finding rabbits. That’s when my sister messaged me about some rabbits nearby that she thought we might want. I decided to see if the lady had any male rabbits, but she only had a 2-year old male lionhead rabbit.

I wasn’t too sure it was what I wanted, but one look at the little guy and I fell hard in love!

The Kids Got Bunnies! 85He’s got the cutest big brown eyes and he’s so furry! He’s still a little scared, but the little guy is doing great. Me on the other hand, I don’t want to put him down. He’s literally the cutest little thing – ever!

The Kids Got Bunnies! 86

While this week having bunnies have been easy, I’m a little unsure what it will be like in a few weeks! Ha!

Plus, Michael still hasn’t found his rabbit. He wants a Flemish Giant – those really huge rabbits – but for now, the closest we’re coming is having to wait 8-weeks for one. But, if I know Mike we’ll probably be finding one even sooner. Who knows though, he’s also talked about another Lionhead Bunny, I guess time will only tell. ?

Now that I’ve told you about our week, I’d love to hear about yours! Share the dets in the comments below.

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