Tackling Family Travel with Veggie Straws

by Crystal Carder
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This post is sponsored by Sensible Portions but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

With the holidays fast approaching, I’m already thinking about all the traveling my family will have to tackle. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving at three different homes and in 3 different states, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

As we know though, tackling family travel during the holidays isn’t as easy as it sounds! There’s so many things bound to go wrong and there’s always someone forgetting something, that’s why I am sharing my best tips to help your family tackle family travel for the holidays.

I have been using these tricks for years to help my family’s holiday travel go smoother and I hope these tricks will help you too!

3 Tips to Help You Tackle Family Travel

Plan Your Trip With a List

Whenever I’m traveling away for the holidays, or anytime, I like to plan my trip with a list. On my list, I like to keep track of any and all things, that I can think of, that our family will need on our trip; cellphone chargers, medications, toothbrushes, etc…

Tackling family travel with Veggie Straws

When it’s finally time to pull out of the driveway, I go over my list and double check (sometimes I triple check) that I have everything on my list. Having a list to help me tackle family travel has helped my family not to forget the most important items on our list and it’s even saved us a ton of money on vacation.

Do Most of Your Traveling Early in the Morning (While the Kids are Still Sleeping)

As we all know, kids get bored traveling for long distances. They start to fight or just get antsy and there’s absolutely little you can do to help them. That’s why I’ve learned a long time ago – it’s better to travel early than wait until the kids actually wake up. Whenever we’re leaving for vacation, Michael and I will wake up super early and leave. By the time we’re out of the driveway, the kids are back asleep and we travel a few hundred miles before the kids ever wake up. Not only does traveling early in the morning give Michael and I some quiet time, it also helps ease the stress of the long car ride for the kids.

Tackle Family Travel With Veggie Straws

Whenever we’re tackling family travel, we always make sure to bring delicious, healthy snacks like Veggie Straws.

Tackling Family Travel with Veggie Straws 81

Unlike traditional road trip snacks, I don’t feel guilty giving my kids Veggie Straws. Veggie Straws are a healthier snack choice- Vegan, Non-GMO, Organic,  30% less fat than chips with no artificial flavors or preservatives, Kosher have no Trans fats and no Cholesterol.

My kids think Veggie Straws are delicious and I love how they keep the whole family happy and satisfied.

Tackling Family Travel with Veggie Straws 82

No matter where we’re traveling to for the holidays, I can always pick up Sensible Portions Veggie Straws at Walmart in the healthy snacks section (adjacent to the chip aisle).

Whatever the reason you’re tackling family travel for the holidays, I hope these tips help make your trip less stressful. For more travel tips check out my Adventure tab.

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Tackling family travel with Veggie Straws



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