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Help the kids get off the couch and out of the house this summer with this fun summer bucket list for kids. Featuring 40 fun summer activities, this bucket list will make lasting memories for the whole family.

summer bucket list for kids

What is a Summer Bucket List for Kids?

A summer bucket list for kids is a great idea. It is something kids get to look forward to doing all summer. And, it helps to answer that nagging question that kids always ask throughout the summer, what are we doing today?

You may have done a bucket list for places you want to travel to or things you want to do and a summer bucket list is kind of like that. The only difference of this summer bucket for kids is that you have a lot less time to complete it than you get with most bucket list.

If you’ve never done a bucket list before, a bucket list just basically has a bunch of things on that you want to do. You can make one for things you want to do before 30, things to do before you die, or something a little more simple like things you want to do this summer. As you finish each item on your bucket list, you cross it off and move to the next. The goal is to complete your bucket list, but sometimes people only complete a few items on their bucket list. Whatever you get done, you get done. You can either follow your list strictly or be more lenient and add or take away items while you’re doing it.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

This bucket list features 40 fun and exciting ideas for summer vacation. Most of these ideas are geared towards kids age 4-12, but this bucket list can really be fun for all ages with a little help from you!

1. Go Bowling

2. Fish at the Lake

3. Go Rollerblading

4. Head to the YMCA

5. Spend the day Swimming

6. Stay up Late

7. Visit an Amusement Park

8. Have fun at the Fair

9. Hit up a Festival

10. Watch a Parade

11. Go to a Museum

12. See a Movie Together

13. Camp in the Wilderness

14. Go Hiking

15. Play at the Park

16. Try a New Restaurant

17. Hit up Chuck E. Cheese

18. Go on a Road Trip

19. Visit an Ocean

20. Stay up Late Stargazing

21. Have a Sleepover
2.2. Have a BBQ

23. Play Hide and Seek

24. Go to Church

25. Have Fun at Vacation Bible School

26. Have a Movie Night

27. Visit the Library

28. Make a Craft

29. Pick Blackberries

30. Have a Scavenger Hunt

31. Go to a Yard Sale

32. Plant a Garden

33. Take a Bike Ride

34. Pick up a Hobby

35. Watch Fireworks

36. Play Mini Golf

37. Collect Fireflies

38. Jump Rope

39. Help Clean the Yard

40. Have a Water Balloon Battle

While your summer bucket list can have other new and exciting activities on, if you want this free Summer Bucket List for Kids to print out, simply click HERE.

Make this summer one that will be in their memories for a lifetime! This summer bucket list will be so much fun for your kids, that you may even decide to do bucket list more often throughout the year.

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40 Summer bucket list ideas for kids

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