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The Story Of The Day We Met

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In 7 days, (March 14th), my husband and I celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe the time has flown by like it has, but here we are. In honor of our anniversary, I wanted to get personal and share the story of the day we met.

The Story of The Day I Met My HusbandThe story of the day we met is actually kind of a classic boy meets girl love story, but it’s my story, so I’m gonna tell it. After all, who doesn’t love a love story?

The day I met my husband, wasn’t the actual first day I met my husband. He had come into the gas station where I worked numerous times before. He would always come to my register and buy the same things, he would spend a fortune. We always managed to say a few words back and forth before he left for work and I always liked seeing him.

The day things actually got started, was a hot, sunny day in June. I had just celebrated my 18th birthday a month prior and I really wasn’t looking for love; in fact, I probably could have cared less.

That day, I got to work early, something that I always did. I planned on sitting out in my car, but then, I saw him walking inside, so I decided to walk in too. Crazy enough, he was at the fountain drinks, right where I was going.

I walked in, and when he noticed me, I said something along the lines like you’re in here on your day off? Instead of nodding and walking away, we must have struck up a conversation because somewhere along the lines, he handed me his phone number and he dashed off.

I really wasn’t planning on calling him. I never called guys, I just always felt stupid.

That afternoon at work, I got sick, so I asked to go home and I went to the doctors. When I finally got home, I remember showing off his phone number and joking with my parents, I could go out with a corrections officer. I was so oblivious. Thinking I would never see him again.

Then, the next day, he did something I didn’t think he would ever do, he came back in. I think I kind of dashed at him, but this time, I made sure to give him my number and decided to see if anything ever happened.

Sometime later that evening, he messaged me. I’m not sure what we talked about, but we must of hit it off because he asked me out on our first date… That’s another story, but that’s the story of the day my husband and I met. It wasn’t anything magical, but it soon became the start of something magical.

That’s our crazy love story, what’s yours?


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