The Ultimate Back-to-School Guide: Spiderman Edition

by Crystal Carder
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My son is going to Pre-K this year! I am so nervous for him, but he insists he is ready. To help make the back-to-school process easier, my son has insisted we buy him Spiderman -EVERYTHING!

Since I am sure, my son is not the only Spiderman fanatic, I have compiled a list of some of my most favorite Spiderman back-to-school items, so check them out!

the ultimate Spiderman back to school guide

Classroom Items 

This is the exact pencil case my son got for school this year. We bought my son’s from the Disney Store, but Amazon still offers a great price on it. This case is extremely nice and comes with everything a Pre-K-er would need.

Spiderman pencil case

Check it out on Amazon –

No fanatic should ever go to class without his Spiderman Portfolios. I have had a hard time finding anything other than TMNT this year, so this 4-pack from Amazon is perfect!

Get them here-

While the Spiderman Stationary kit comes with all the Spiderman pencils you will ever need, it’s always good to have extras. These pencils serve double-duty and will give your child pencils and cards for Valentine’s Day.

Get them here – 

For the Lunch Room

When it comes to my son’s drink, it has to be cold. That’s why I trust the superhero strength of the Thermos Spiderman Drink Bottle in 12oz.

Buy it here –

If your child loves the Thermos Drink Cup, they will love the Thermos 10oz. Food Jar. These jars are perfect for keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Get it here – 

There are so many nice Spiderman lunch boxes, that it is hard to pick just one. My four-year-old personally loves this Lunch Box from Thermos.

Buy it here – 

The Backpack

Backpacks are so much cooler nowadays than when I was a kid. Right now there are so many Spiderman backpacks, that I didn’t feel right just picking one. Check out this link – to look at them all!

The Apparel

Of course, no Spiderman fanatic will ever be called a fanatic without the proper apparel. Here are some of my favorites:

I hope this list helped all of my Spider-rific parents! Tell me what are you buying your Spiderman-obsessed kid this school year?

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