Social Media Rules You Should Have With Your Spouse

by Crystal Carder
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If you found my blog, chances are you’ve probably stumbled onto it through some social media site, if that’s not the issue – yay – either way, I’m so glad you’re here! Social media sites are literally everywhere, they are forming every day and millions of people literally use them, actively.

That’s why it’s no surprise that many extramarital affairs happen because of these social media sites. As a married couple, it should be your job to set boundaries about social sites together. These boundaries don’t have to be extreme, but they do need to be practical.

Not sure where to start, check out these suggestions:

1. All passwords and login information should be shared between one another. Sharing each other’s passwords should be a no brainer; you’re married, it’s officially your job not to have secrets from one another. And, if you’re not doing anything wrong, why should sharing passwords matter?!

2. There should be no stalking ex-lovers, unless you’re doing it together. Okay, so sometimes it can make you feel better about your life when you stalk your ex and realize how glad you really are that you ditched that bullet. But, stalking exes, adding them as friends and looking at their profiles should only be done with your spouse, if ever. Looking into an ex-lover, secretly, is just wrong and can give the wrong impression to your spouse.

3. Adding random men or guys you went to school or work with, should be a big no-no; unless of course, they are a big part of your life with your husband. I’m a blogger, of course I understand the need to have millions of Facebook followers, but adding random men or men you just know from work, is a no,no. Not only can this give other men a mixed-impression, but they may think you’re adding them to flirt.

Social Media Rules all couples should have

4. Never post provocative photos. Your married, officially off the market. Your body is no longer on display for the whole world to look at, there’s no reason you should be posting provocative pictures on social media.

5. You should never talk bad about one another on social media. This is probably one of the biggest things I see couples doing; they get in a fight, and out of the moment, they write something about the other spouse on social media. Once something is out on the internet, it’s there, forever, for anyone to look at. This can cause people’s impressions to change on you or your spouse and once that happens, it’s hard to convince people otherwise.

What is one thing you see couples doing that you think should not be done?


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