Snow, Strep Throat and Thanksgiving: Weekly Recap #2

by Crystal Carder
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Last week, I decided to start a new thing, weekly recaps. I really wanted to be on top of these recaps, but before I knew it, it’s almost Saturday and I’m scrambling to share with y’all what I did this week.



I guess I’ll start with the snow. We did get our first official snowfall of the season and it stunk! It was so cold! The kid’s enjoyed it, though, so I guess it wasn’t all too bad. But, I’m still slowly planning my escape to sunshine living.

The next day, was followed with school and a doctor visit for mommy and Zoey. Poor Zoey ended up having strep throat, and I really wasn’t even sure she had more than a cold when I took her in. I ended up just having an achy sore throat, but since it was so close to the holidays, we both ended up getting some medicine and feeling better the next day.

Tuesday wasn’t filled anything fun or exciting. In fact, I’m pretty sure we just refused to leave the house all day Tuesday.
Wednesday was the boy’s half day and the day really flew by. The weather was finally nice enough to play outside and the kids finally got to play outside longer than a few minutes.

That night, it was over to my mamas to help her make apple crisp and finish all preparations for the following day.

Snow, Strep Throat and Thanksgiving: Weekly Recap #2 81
Thursday, was Thanksgiving and, boy was it busy. We started out at my parents house and it was entertaining as always. All my nieces and nephews were there and my kids were having a blast playing with their cousins. While the kids refused to eat anything, surprise not, the food was absolutely delicious and almost too filling.

Next off we went to my husband’s grandparents, both sets, and enjoyed the rest of the day at their houses.

Snow, Strep Throat and Thanksgiving: Weekly Recap #2 82
The following day, Black Friday, I really wasn’t planning on going shopping. But, as luck would have it, I woke up at four and, for some reason, the kids were also awake, so I decided we would go shopping just for something to do. Luckily, the stores weren’t packed at all, but the sales really stunk! Other than a few amazing tv deals, which we didn’t need, we had better luck buying our stuff before Black Friday, and even saved more money.

By 10 am we were home and basically that ended our week.

This week, I’ll be heading towards Baltimore, Maryland, as my father prepares to have a major surgery on Monday. So, please keep him and my family in your prayers. And, please forgive me if I’m a little spotty posting next week, I’ll try my best to post.

As always, I hope your week was filled with love and fun! Until next week,



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