Singing Machine Kids Mood Karaoke Machine Review

by Crystal Carder
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My family and I travel a lot, so whenever we are in the car, we use music to keep the kids entertained. Because of this, my kids have grown quite the love for music. They each have their favorite songs and, as they are getting older, they seem to be requesting their songs at home too. Whenever we are listening to their songs, they usually make sure to sing out every single word in the backseat. That’s why, this year for their birthdays, I thought it would be fun if they had their very own karaoke machine. 

While there isn’t a lack of karaoke machines in today’s market, the Singing Machine Kid’s Mood Karaoke Machine really caught my eye. This particular karaoke machine comes in multiple kid-friendly colors and it changes colors just like a mood – ring.

Singing Machine Kid's Mood Karaoke Machine

Designed with multicolored LED glowing lights, the Kids Mood Karaoke Machine provides hours of fun both during the day and at nighttime. Kids can even use the machine as a nightlight during the night.

Singing Machine Kid's Mood Karaoke Machine

While we love all the bright colors this karaoke machine turns while the kids are singing, I absolutely love the fact that this karaoke machine is powered by both an AC Adapter and/or 8 C” Batteries (not included). Not only does this make it easy to use it practically anywhere, but it also makes it more affordable for your kids to use since batteries can be costly.

Singing Machine Kid's Mood Karaoke Machine

Setting it Up

The Kids Mood Karaoke Machine is so easy to set up; simply, pull it from the box, plug it into the wall, and turn it on. From there, you can decide whether or not you will use the device’s built-in Bluetooth technology or an optional line-in to play your favorite songs through the speaker.

Singing Machine Kid's Mood Karaoke Machine

I personally suggest using the built-in Bluetooth technology to stream music because it is so easy! Once you connect your device via Bluetooth to the Mood Machine, you shouldn’t have to connect it again because this device will automatically connect anytime you’re close enough to it and it is turned on.

The Kids Mood Machine only comes with one wired-microphone but has room for up to two microphones. The machine even comes equipped with a microphone holder on both sides. And, while I haven’t personally bought a second microphone, I love the idea of using this machine to sing duets with the kids.

More Than Just a Machine

If you’ve ever thought about purchasing your children a karaoke machine but wasn’t convinced, you’re going to love all the ways the Kids Mood Machine enhances child development.

Singing Machine Kid's Mood Karaoke Machine

Singing Machine Kid Series Karaoke Machines enhances child development in four key areas: Language Development, Brain & Body, Wellness, and Confidence. By just allowing your children to use this machine, you can help to build their immunity, increase their memory, visual, and listening skills, and lower their risk of middle ear infections! 

Singing Machine Kid's Mood Karaoke Machine

Your kids will love singing to their favorite songs with the Singing Machine Kids Mood Karaoke Machine and you will love the hours of fun it brings! To learn more about the Mood Singing Machine Karaoke, visit their website or find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.




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