15 Simple Ways for Families to Save Money in 2019

by Crystal Carder
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Saving money in 2019 may seem like it’s an impossible task when you have a family. Maybe you’ve tried to save money before and you failed. Or, maybe, you saved money and then had the unexpected happen and have been having a hard time-saving money again.

Life is hard. I get that. And, when you have a family to feed, it’s like having extra money is hard. But, it doesn’t have to be. What if I told you, you can save money with a family – in 2019 – by doing just a few of these 15 simple tasks.

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15 Simple Ways for Families to Save Money in 2019

I know, I know, it almost sounds too good to be true, right? But I’m not lying! Just check out these 15 simple ways for families to save money in 2019 and find out for yourself.

15 Simple Ways for Families to Save Money in 2019

Saving money as a family in 2019 with these 15 tricks couldn’t be easier! These tricks have been proven to save users an upwards of $100 or more a month.

1. Cut the Cord to Cable

Growing up, everyone had cable television because it was the only way to watch T.V. But it’s 2019 people! There’s no reason to be paying huge monthly bills for cable television.

In case you didn’t know, you can watch most of your favorite television shows and movies for as low as $15 a month! All you need are these three simple things to get started:

  • Access to the Internet
  • A Roku TV Device, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple Television
  • A Hulu, Amazon Prime,  or Netflix Subscription (not necessary, but these subscription services give you more for one low price).

If you want to save even more money, though, you can cut the cord to cable without spending any money on subscription cable services. You can watch free television through one of those Roku Sticks or Fire Sticks by downloading one of my favorite apps, Tubi TV and Vudu. Both of these apps offer free access to thousands of movies and shows.

2. Go On a Budget With the Utility Companies

Whenever Michael and I lived in Pennsylvania, our house heated with natural gas. In the wintertime, our electric bill would get so expensive, but in the summer, it would only be a couple of dollars.

It was so hard to plan our monthly budget because we never knew what our natural gas bill would be. That’s when we decided to call the natural gas company and see if there was something we could do.

Turns out, most utility companies offer budget plans where they charge you the same amount every month and you always know what your payment will be. Budget plans go off how much you use, so it’s a great way to budget your monthly bills without getting surprised.

3. Plan a Monthly Budget

Whenever you don’t keep track of where your money is going, bad things can happen – like overdrafts and bounced checks. That’s why it’s so important for you and your family to budget your money in order to save money.

By budgeting your money you can know where every dollar is being spent and learn ways you and your family can save more money.

Whenever my family budgets, we like to use the envelope method. It’s super easy to use and helps us keep track of every penny we have.

4. Start a Money Making Blog

Starting a money-making blog won’t happen overnight, but it can happen in a few months. All you need is consistency, hard work, and a lot of effort to be successful.

I actually created this free guide on how to start your own blog and I often share information on important blog topics. Whenever you’re a blogger, you have to be patient, blogging for money does not happen overnight, but it can be a great way to earn and save extra money for your family.

5. Have a Yard Sale

During the summer, one of the best and easiest ways to make extra money to save is by throwing a yard sale. Since families tend to have a lot of extra stuff, throwing a yard sale can be a great way to earn extra saving cash.

Whenever you throw a yard sale be sure to check out these tips on how to throw a successful yard sale first.

6. Learn A New Skill and Sell It

One of the best ways to save money is by learning a skill and selling it. Or maybe, you already have a skill you’re really good at like; marketing, Photoshop, sports, math, or music.  

Believe it or not, you can actually make a full-time career selling your skillset. It may sound crazy, but you can earn a lot of extra money to save for your family by doing selling your skill. In fact, many full-time bloggers earn 6-figures a year just by selling courses that teach people how to blog! Crazy, I know, but there’s always a market out there, no matter how crazy the skillset.

7. Make Extra Money By Doing Surveys

Before I started blogging, lightyears ago, I started earning small amounts of money by doing surveys. I really wasn’t a fan of the surveys, but they were so easy to do and I earned money that I later used to pay for my family’s Christmas gifts.

While I didn’t get rich, I did earn enough money to save for holidays and birthdays. Some of my favorite survey sites include:

8. Get Cashback on Groceries

Who knew saving money could be as easy as getting cashback on groceries? Sounds crazy, I know, but it is 2019! Thankfully, saving money can be as easy as getting cash back on things you’re already buying at the grocery store. With awesome apps like Ibotta, users can do just that!

Earn cash back just for buying groceries

Simply download the app, sign up, and then save offers from your favorite retailers. Before you make a purchase, just be sure to save the offer and have your store loyalty card linked and you’ll easily earn cashback. Take the money you earn from the purchases you already were planning to make and stash it into a savings account and you’ll easily save money.

9. Earn Cash Back Just for Shopping Online

Everyone’s shopping online, these days, but many people still don’t know how to earn cash back for doing it. Whenever you shop online, you can easily get money back just by shopping through a website like SwagbucksSites like Swagbucks rewards users who shop through their site with points.

Whenever you make enough points, you can redeem points for gift cards and other goods. It’s so easy to save money with these types of sites, that you’re actually flushing money down the drain by not using them. 

10. Become an Extreme Couponer and NEVER Pay Full Price Again

One of the things I used to love to do was go couponing. Unfortunately, I no longer do it, but I do still have quite the stockpile from doing it. Learning something as crazy as extreme couponing can actually save you and your family a lot of money in 2019.

When the price of most shampoos is $5 or more, you can almost always save $4 or more dollars on shampoo just by using a coupon. When you’re buying these products month after month, the cost can really add up and you’re actually wasting a lot of money that you could be saving for your family.

11. Refinance Your Car Payment

We all know car payments can add up, but if you’re paying really high interest on your car loan, you might as well be throwing money out the window. You’re wasting so much money a month that is not going towards the principal and its time for you to try to refinance your car payment.

By refinancing your car payment you can put more money towards your loan and maybe even cut a few years off your car loan payment – for the same monthly payment! Refinancing your car payment is a great way to find money to save for your family.

12. Skip Eating Out and Cook at Home

On way to save extra money for your family, stop eating out. As hard as it sounds, when you have a family, you’re spending an average of $30 or more, just for one meal a day.

Take that money, buy groceries and you’ll start to see your money spread out further. No matter how busy you are, purchase an Instant Pot or a Crock-Pot and stop wasting all that money eating out and save some money instead.

13. Bunk With Friends and Family on Vacation

Summertime is one of the hardest times to save money as a family. With kids out of school for the summer, many families try to plan their vacations in the summer. Fortunately, you can save money on these vacations if you have friends and family who live where you’re going on vacation.

Since I personally know many long-distance friends and family love to have visitors and usually have an extra room to sleep in, take them up on that offer. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a hotel, try staying with friends or family.

Who knows, what memories you may make? 

14. Try Doing a No-Spend Month

One of the biggest fads I see people doing all the time on social media is practicing no-spend months. These are months where people don’t spend any money except the few dollars they need to for necessities like gas for work and food.

Though I have never participated in one of these months, no-spend months are a great way to save up a few hundred dollars quickly. By the time the month is over, you may even realize how much money you’re wasting every month.

15. Become a Reseller on eBay

eBay is a site I love. You can sell pretty much anything on it and it’s so easy to get started. Whenever you’re looking to save up money for your family, eBay is a great place to do it. To become a reseller on eBay all you need in most locations is a Trader’s License (get it from your local courthouse) and Sales Tax Certificate.**

Once you have those affordable, or free license, you can then start selling stuff you already have laying around the house. If things start taking off, be sure to download this free eBay sales tracker printable or my updated eBay sales tracker printable to keep track of your eBay sales.

Saving money when you have a family shouldn’t have to be hard. I hope these tricks will help make saving a few dollars more obtainable. For more financial tips, be sure to check out my financial section.

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15 Simple Ways for Families to Save Money in 2019

**Local and state laws vary. Check with your state to see what license are required.

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