Simple Tricks: Best Ways to Save Money on Gas

by Crystal Carder
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I was born in 1990, so when I got my drivers license at 16, it around the time gas prices really started to inflate. I don’t remember what it was like to only spend a few cents per gallon of gas and I guess, now, I never will.

If there’s one thing paying an arm and a leg for gas has taught me though, it’s how to save money on gas. Being a young married family who loves to travel, we’ve had work hard to learn the best ways to save on gas and I want to help you do the same!

If you are looking for the best ways to save on gas, look no further! These simple tricks will save you the most money on your gas without hardly any work.

Best Ways to Save on Gas

Best ways save on money on gas

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Join Loyalty Reward Programs at Grocery Stores

One of the easiest, no-brainer tricks for saving money on gas is using loyalty cards for gas points at grocery stores. Many grocery stores link their loyalty cards to their store’s gas pumps or have plans worked out with local gas companies to save you cents off per gallon every time you fill up.

A lot of times, grocery stores will run gas point incentives like if you buy 10 of this item in one transaction, you get an extra 10 cents off a gallon. These points really add up at the gas pump and all you have to do is shop for groceries like you normally do.

Some of the grocery stores in my area that offer fuel perks include; Giant Eagle, Kroger, Shop ‘n Save, Weis.

Next time you shop, be sure to ask your grocery clerk if they participate in any fuel reward programs.

Download Gas Buddy App to Find the Best Prices on Gas

I found the Gas Buddy app years ago and I still find it very valuable at saving money on gas. Gas Buddy depends on its users to input gas prices, so you always know the price of gas around you.

With Gas Buddy, you can easily save $.05 or $.10 off a gallon, just by driving to the next exit. Gas Buddy takes the guess-work out of shopping around for gas and gets you the best price, almost every time.

Learn more about the free Gas Buddy App HERE.

Sign Up for Gas Station Loyalty Cards

Not every gas station has loyalty reward cards, but the ones that do really hep you pile up the gas savings. These loyalty cards require customers to sign up with something like an email address and/or phone number and reward users every time the loyalty card is used. Gas Stations in my area, like Sheetz, offer customers an automatic $.03 off a gallon just for scanning their My Sheetz loyalty card. Although it isn’t a lot, its better than nothing.

If you can’t find a loyalty rewards card at your gas station, see if your gas station has a gas credit card with rewards. A lot of times, gas credit cards offer introductory cents off a gallon. I’ve seen some of these range from $.10 to $.40 off a gallon in the past, so defiantly worth checking out. Gas store credit cards also usually offer automatic money off per gallon when used at that gas station. Just be sure to check over terms and conditions before applying.

Pay With Cash

Next time you fill up your car, check for discounts for paying with cash. Some gas stations like truck stops, actually give a cheaper rate for those who pay for their fill-up with cash instead of credit.

Although the savings isn’t a lot, it will still save you a few cents on your car’s fill-up.

Be Picky About Where You Get Your Gas

I’m terrible for being a “convenient gas pumper.” Instead of shopping around for gas, I pay more (like $.15 a gallon) for gas at the gas station near my house because it’s convenient. If I were to wait to fill-up, I could easily save $.10 – $.15 a gallon.

Just because a place is convenient for you, doesn’t always mean it’s the cheapest place to get gas.

Before you fill up your gas tank, next time, try following some of these simple tricks to get the cheapest prices on your next fill-up.

Try Carpooling

Carpooling is a great option for those people who can do it. If you live near someone you work with, try carpooling to cut down on gas expense. Carpooling can save you a lot of money at the pump because you don’t have to fill your gas tank up every day. Whenever carpooling is done right, you can alternate days you drive and help someone else save money too. Plus carpooling is great for cutting down on pollution.

Drive a Smaller Car

This idea to save money at the pump may not be ideal for everyone, but if it is for you, it can really save you gas money. Smaller cars are known to get better gas mileage, so when you opt for driving a smaller car, you can limit the amounts of times you have to fill your tank up. 

For example, when our family traded our VW Jetta in for a Caravan, we went from getting 35 miles a gallon to just 18 miles a gallon. Having a bigger car is great for luxury, but not so great on the gas budget.

Limit Time You Drive in Your Car

You know those times you get in your car for a ride and drive aimlessly around? These small trips can really eat up gas, therefore, causing you to spend a ridiculous amount of money at the pump. By limiting the amount of time you drive and planning your trips out, you can save a lot of money at the pump.

It also helps to plan your meals out throughout the week so you’re not going to town multiple times a week for dinner ingredients.

These tips for saving money at the pump can save you a few extra dollars a month and help you afford that occasional Starbucks coffee that you crave. 

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