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Should You Get WIC

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Apparently, there are big misconceptions about the WIC Program. You know the “Women’s, Infants, and Children” program that is federally funded. Many people assume WIC is a form of welfare, but that is far from true.

WIC is actually available to working class people, like me and you. It families, who may not be able to afford it otherwise, afford baby formula, breast pumps, and nutrition for kids 5 and under and pregnant women.

Doesn’t Federally Funded Mean Welfare?

Just because WIC is federally funded, doesn’t mean it is a form of welfare. In fact, many families who qualify for WIC don’t qualify for welfare benefits. WIC’s income limits may be lower, but the program helps many middle class working families.

What Does WIC Do?

WIC does a lot of things. One of the biggest things they do is providing baby formula and/or breast pumps to families who may not be able to afford it otherwise.

WIC also provides nutritional items for children under 5 like; milk, cheese, cereal, juice, eggs and fruits, and vegetables.

For pregnant women and 6 months after pregnancy, WIC provides nutritional foods for them, as well.

How do You Use WIC?

WIC has come a far way since my first son was born, 8 years ago and they are constantly improving to help you. Most states WIC vouchers are received through a “debit” card and are redeemed at select approved WIC stores by a simple swipe of the card. (Walmart is an approved WIC store)

WIC allows you to shop like you normally would, but they do have a few brand and size specifics when it comes to buying foods. For instance, in Maryland, bread bought on WIC most be 16 ounces and 100 percent whole grain.

For the most part, WIC recipients are usually greeted with kindness at most stores. But, if you ever have a problem, WIC is very strict and will reprimand any store that treats WIC users bad or constantly gives problems.

Should You Get WIC?

Should You Get WIC

Technically, WIC is one of those programs that if you qualify, you probably should get it. It’s completely free. Except having to come in for a few appointments, every year, WIC is generally hassle-free.

Every month, your WIC benefits renew and you can get more of the things your family needs.

As I said, since the income guidelines are lower for WIC, if you qualify for it, you should get it. Since baby formula can cost over $100 a month, chances are if your income guidelines meet WIC guidelines, you may struggle to afford those nutritional essentials anyways.

I personally had WIC with my kids. My mother had WIC with me and I recommend WIC to all new moms. WIC helped my family tremendously and it can help yours.

So, should you get WIC, I think you should, if you can, but that’s your call.

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