Scrape-A-Round Ice Scrapper Review

*Disclosure: Crystal Carder received a sample of the Scrape-A-Round in exchange for her honest review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and reflect my actual experience. USA, LLC

As a blogger, I am sometimes so enthused about getting something for free, that I never stop to think, do I really want that? The Scrape-A-Round turned out to be one of those items, that sounded cool, at the time; but when I got it, I thought what was I thinking, there is no way these little plastic thingys are gonna work. 

Scrape-A-Round Review

In lamer terms, when I got these I threw them aside and thought wow, I’m gonna have to come up with some post about these items, and to be honest, I really don’t want them.

As fate would have it, my area got a lot of freezing rain, so I finally decided to put the Scrape-A-Round to work.

To my surprise, the Scrape-A-around was a lot of fun  to use. It made scrapping the ice of my car’s window so easy that even my kids were able to use them.

The Scrape-A-Round makes a job that can be tiring; fun, fast and easy again. Whenever I get finished scrapping my window, my arms don’t hurt and I’ve put in less work than I would have with a regular ice scrapper.


The Scrape-A-Round is available in a 3 or a 6 pack, so no matter where you are, you never have to be without an ice scrapper. Plus, the Scrape-A-Round can double as a funnel, just remove the cap.

Don’t be like me and judge the Scrape-A-Round by it’s design, try one for yourself, you will be glad you did!

Since winter starts tomorrow, Scrape-A-Round is offering my amazing readers a chance to save.

 Get FREE Shipping at Use code: LU8FBEZREU2 at checkout.


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