New Segment! Save On Groceries With the Best Grocery Deals This Week!

by Crystal Carder
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Save on your grocery bill with the best grocery deals this week! A new weekly segment where I help you save money on your groceries while sharing the best store deals.

This is a segment I have been considering for quite some time and I really feel it is needed. So many times people end up spending way to much on their grocery orders simply because they don’t know how to get the best deals! Every week, around Tuesday, I will be sharing the best grocery deals coming up in the following grocery stores:

  • Foodlion (new sales every Wednesday)
  • Weis Markets (new sales every Thursday)
  • Kroger (new sales every Wednesday)
  • Martins (Giant stores should be similar to Martin’s) (new sales every Friday)
  • Giant Eagle (new sales every Wednesday)
  • Shop n’ Save (new sales every Thursday)

These are the only grocery chains I have near me, so for now, these are the only grocery deals I will be keeping an eye on, but if a new grocery store pops up, I will add it to my list of weekly deals.

Since I don’t have access to some of these ads until the day before, I will update each weekly grocery segment throughout the week.

To see the grocery deals, click on the store of your choice:





Giant Eagle

Shop n’ Save


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