Save More In Store with these Clever In-Store Savings Hacks

by Crystal Carder
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If you’ve ever gone shopping for something you really needed and had no money; this post is for you! After years of being a frugal shopper, I have found ways to make sure you never have to pay full retail on some of your favorite items, ever again.

By following these simple steps, you will save more in store and have more money to spend on the things you really want.

Save More In Store with these Clever In-Store Savings Hacks 81

Know the Store’s Price Matching Policy

Although, not all stores offer a price match guarantee to help you save more in store, some do. Knowing the store’s price matching policy can help save you money on those days when you need something right then and now and Amazon is cheaper. It can also help keep you from having to make 100 additional stops. Some of my favorite stores that price match are; Best Buy and Target.

Lookup the Price On the Store’s Website Before Buying

I cannot tell you all how many times I saved money by simply comparing the in-store price of an item to online price.

While it may sound silly, since it is the same store; comparing online prices can save you a ton of money.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, I was at Walmart looking into buying a video game. The online price was $45, but in-store, the game was still $59.99! Since the game was sold by Walmart, they honored the price and I saved $15!

Always check the online price when you’re buying something other than food and clothes!

Haggle About Broken Pieces, Scratches, and Buying the Display Model

Not all stores will haggle the price, but some will. If you are planning on buying a large item like appliances and furniture, but it has scratches and dents, try to haggle the price down.

You will have to speak with a manager who can lower the price, but often places will clearance the price down for little imperfections.

Even if an item is on clearance, you can still ask for a better discount, you just have to haggle the price down. Stores like Home Depot and Lowes will sometimes do this.

Another thing you can always try for a better deal, is NEVER EVER pay full price for a display model. Almost all stores will give a discount on the display and if they don’t, don’t buy it unless you really want it and don’t care.

Know Your Store’s Coupon Policy

Not all stores take coupons, but it is worth knowing which ones do and their policies.

Coupons can not only save you more in store, but depending on where you use them, you can save even more!

Some grocery stores double coupons, while Dollar Tree gives you an amazing deal by accepting coupons. Meanwhile, stores like, Kohls, will stack coupon codes and promos; saving you even more money.

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