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How to Save Money On Your Trip To Disney World 

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How To Save On Your Trip to Disney World

Growing up, my parents tried to take us to Disney World every year. We would always leave for Florida during February so we could get out of the harsh winter in Western Maryland. As I got older, I realized how expensive Disney World really is.

If you’ve ever thought about planning a trip to Disney World but didn’t know how you could afford it, check out some of these tips that my family personally used.

Plan Your Stay Wisely

When it comes to Disney World, most families automatically think about staying at a Disney World Resort. While this option may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it comes at a hefty price tag. If your family doesn’t care about where they stay during their visit to Orlando, check out some of these other options that could save you hundreds.


Almost every hotel you will find in Orlando and Kissimmee offer some sort of free shuttling to and from the parks. This is included in your stay and will save you at least $20 a day in parking fees. A lot of these hotels also offer free breakfast and have some of the same amenities as the actual Disney Resorts. If you’re looking for a cool looking hotel, check out the Castle hotel from Marriott Hotels. Speaking from experience, be sure to book in advance because the nice hotels almost always sell out.

Check out this guide for ways you can save money on your hotel stay.

Rental Houses

I’ve never personally stayed in a house on Disney vacation, but I have heard people who swear that is the way to stay. These houses are just like a normal house, maybe a little nicer, and they have all the amenities a house has. Besides being cheaper, these rental homes also offer your family the opportunity to save money on food by being able to cook in your own kitchen. These homes even make it easier to put little ones to sleep, unlike getting a toddler to sleep in a hotel room.


Camping, may or may not be a cheaper alternative, but the memories you will make camping are endless. Campsites only cost a few dollars, but towing your vehicle to the campsite may cost more in gas. Most campsites offer activities for the whole family and some sort of swimming area.

State Parks

Consider staying out of Orlando and at a state park. You may not want to stay too far away from Disney World, but in case you do, consider staying at one of Florida’s beautiful state parks. These parks offer fun activities and, cost a fraction of the price of a hotel.

Visit Disney World During Off-Peak Season

Whenever you are planning your trip to Disney World, try to plan during their off-peak season. This is usually between Mid-January to March. During off-peak season, you can get almost everything cheaper, except tickets. If the kids are in school, you can always take them out for the week to visit, found out how we take more vacations during the school year HERE.

Eat Cheap

While there really is no way to eat cheap inside Disney World, you can eat cheap outside of the park. To do this, all you need to do is eat dollar menu, use restaurant apps, pack your own lunches, or sign up for some of these apps that give you free food just to sign up.

Book Your Trip in Advance

One of the easiest ways you can save money on your trip to Disney is by booking your vacation in advanced. Whenever you purchase tickets on Disney’s website in advance, you can almost always save additional money. Depending on the time of the year you book, Disney has been known to offer amazing discounts on both Disney World tickets and resort stays.

Sign up for a Disney Credit Card

Like many companies, Disney offers their own credit card. Just by signing up for it, you can earn  Disney Reward dollars that are redeemable for resort stays, Disney Park tickets, Disney Movies, and the Disney Store.  To learn more about the card and current reward offers go HERE.





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