Save Money in 2017 By Cutting Down On Wasteful Spending

by Crystal Carder
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If saving money in 2017 is on your New Year’s list, then you really need to take a look at where you’re really spending your money.

Sure, $3 here and $1 there don’t sound like much, but if you’re spending that everyday, that’s $120 a month, roughly $1,440 a year and  in ten years, that $4 a day could buy you a car!


Make 2017 the year you said goodbye to wasteful spending by cutting down on these unnecessary purchases:

1. Coffee.  Starbucks and Dunkins’ has the best coffee, I know, but is it really worth the price? Consider purchasing a nice tumbler and bringing your own coffee with you. You could make your own coffee and add your favorite flavors for roughly only $.60 a day.

2. Toys. My kids can’t be the only kids who have too many toys. Kids can only play with so many toys, reserve toy buying for special occasions only like birthdays and holidays.

3. Clothes. I love fashion as much as the next girl, but fashion can cost a lot of money. Save money by being willing to wear the same outfit more than once and in different ways.

4. Material things in general. I’m the type of person who has to have things before every one else. But, usually that leaves me with a bunch of junk that I no longer want. Save money by being happy with what you have. There’s no reason to buy something new just because it’s a new color.

5. Expensive hobbies. Hobbies are a great thing to have, but they can really be expensive. But, do you really need to go overboard on them? If you don’t have a reason for something other than, maybe I’ll use it or it’s really cheap, then do you really need it?

6. New cell phones. Cell phones are expensive and for the last few years, they’ve all done about the same – except for the exploding Samsung phone. So, is it really worth spending the extra $8-$10 a month, so you can upgrade every year? Take that extra money and save up for something really worth that money.

7. New cars. Cars lose so much money. They cost a fortune, the payment takes half of your paycheck and maintaining them, is not cheap. Consider ditching that $800 a month payment and banking it. Opt for a cheap, reliable car for under $10k and ignore the urge to have the biggest and the best.


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