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SainSmart Jr Toy Archery Set With Target Review

I partnered with SainSmart Jr in exchange for a toy archery set. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

My boys both have a real bow and arrow. They love to shoot it, but sometimes they want to shoot it when we don’t have the time to watch them. I would never put my children in danger, so I use the SainSmart Jr Toy Archery Set with a Target to let them practice archery and they love it!The SainSmart Jr. Toy Archery Set comes with everything your kids need to get started including; a luminous bow, 3 suction cup arrows, a quiver, and a target.

We love everything about the SainSmart Jr. Toy Archery Set! This set is just as fun as shooting a real bow and arrow and it is a lot safer.

Target Pracitce Anyone?

The target that this archery set comes with is great for teaching kids to improve their hand and eye coordination. Plus, it is easy to hang. Since it comes with a built-in hanger, you can hang it on the wall with a nail or you can rig something up outside – like we did.

Unlike the targets that come in some sets, this target is really durable and big enough for kids to see from a distance. 

Light It Up!

The SainSmart Jr. Archery Set is not only fun during the day, but it’s also fun at night! Just grab two AAA batteries (not included), place them inside the bow, and the bow lights up. Not only do my kids love lighting up the bow, but they love being able to have something to play with outside in the evenings.

Although, we wish the arrows would glow in the dark, you can’t beat the hours of fun you can have with this bow at nighttime.ad SainSmart Jr Toy Archery Set With TargetWhere’s My Quiver?

Finally, one of our favorite things about this toy archery set is the fact that it comes with a quiver. My kids have always loved the idea of a quiver, but I would probably never trust them with their own for real arrows.

This quiver is perfect for this set because they can hold onto all three arrows at one time and they never have to move to grab another arrow after shooting.

While the SainSmart Jr. Bow and Arrow set is recommended for ages 6 and up, I have personally let my 4-year old daughter use it and she was able to without any issues. SainSmart Jr. even makes an all pink archery set for girls, if you want to buy this set for a girl.

We love this archery set and recommend it for any parents who are looking to get your children into the love of archery. To find out more about SainSmart Jr. and everything they offer check out their website and find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can purchase your own SainSmart Jr. Archery Set HERE.

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