Getting Active With Roller Derby Recreational Youth Skates

by Crystal Carder
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When you have three kids who all want to try something new, things can get pretty expensive. That’s why when my 6-year old came home and expressed his interest in trying roller skating, I kind of cringed. I knew that all my kids would want pair and if we bought any, I had no idea how we would afford 3 pairs of skates.

I expected roller skates to be expensive, like over $100 a pair, but then I found Roller Derby Recreational Skates. I was surprised with how nice their roller skates were and even more impressed with their budget friendly prices.

Roller Derby offers a line of budget friendly recreational skates for young children, teens, and adults. Their line of youth skates are even adjustable between sizes, so your child can wear them longer and you can save more money.

Roller Derby Youth Skates

When I first approached Roller Derby and asked to partner with them, I had no idea all the different skates they offer for youth. Roller Derby was kind enough to send me two pairs for my 6-year old son. They sent us the Ion Boys Adjustable Inline Skates and the Tracer Boys Adjustable Inline Skate.

Needless to say, my son loved these skates from the first moment he opened the box. These skates come in colors that we love and they are easy enough for me to help him put them on. There are no strings to tie and the skates are super comfortable for him to wear.

I asked for these skates in size medium since my son currently wears 1.5 youth in tennis shoes. I was kind of nervous about what size to get, since most of Roller Derby’s skates are only available in adjustable sizes medium (2-5) and small (11*-1) but, when the skates arrived, the medium size fit him fine. He was even able to share one pair of skates with his older brother who wears a size 2.5 in tennis shoes.

Adjusting the skates from one size to another is also super easy. To adjust sizes, you just push a button and pull or push out on the toe of the skates.

We loved the quality of the Roller Derby Skates so much that we made a trip to our local Walmart to pick up Roller Derby’s Girls 2-in-1 Combo Set for my daughter. While we were there, we even found her Roller Derby knee, elbow, and wrist pads!

Our first time letting the kids skate, our kids fell a lot, which was expected. I recommend if you have little ones, to be sure you bring as much protective gear for your kids that you can. We made sure the kids had knee, elbow, wrist pads, and helmets before we left them skate. It took the kids a few minutes to actually show some progress skating, but after a while, they all were able to skate a few feet before they fell.

The kids had a blast trying out their Roller Derby Skates and they cannot wait to go skating again! Even though, it has been cold and rainy here, my kids haven’t stopped talking about how much fun skating is. They have already asked to go to an indoor skating rink and my husband and I are already considering purchasing a pair of Roller Derby’s adult skates.

I love how these skates encourage families to get together and make memories together. If you are looking for a way to encourage your kids to get outdoors, get exercise, or just have fun, Roller Derby’s Recreational Skates are perfect for you!

You can learn more about Roller Derby online at their website or at Facebook.

To see the kids in action using Roller Derby Recreational Skates, check out the video below. (this was their first time using any sort of skates)


*Please double check your skate’s sizes on Roller Derby’s website before placing an order. Some skates fit a different shoe size range.

ad Getting Active With Roller Derby Recreational Youth Skates

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