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by Crystal Carder
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Crystal Carder is so happy that you’re interested in working together! In order to provide the best relationship with brands, I have implemented the following review policies.

Review Policy 75

  • All items received for review at Crystal Carder will be reviewed and evaluated honestly. Crystal Carder will let the brand know of any problems and will contact the client before posting any negative reviews.
  • Due to the extreme amounts of time that blog post takes to photograph, write, and add all finishing touches on, Crystal Carder can no longer work for free. That’s why I request all review products must be of at least $150 value, higher for certain products and may be in addition to a momentary fee. Again, these conditions are up to Crystal Carder.
  • Crystal Carder will review items at own discretion.
  • Sending Crystal Carder an item without contacting this blog first does NOT guarantee a blog post.
  • Reviews will be posted within 3-4 weeks depending on workload. Any brands needing a blog post sooner please work with me and let me know beforehand and we can work something out.
  • Crystal Carder will provide giveaway options for brands. I will run giveaways free, but products must be of $25 and higher value.
  • Even if review items meet these requirement, Crystal Carder reserves the right to refuse an item.
  • Social shares of review blog post will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Any other social shares requested, please contact Crystal Carder first. Extra social shares may be at an extra cost.
  • These review terms may change at any time.

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