Recap: My Mother’s Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017 Recap

This Mother’s Day has been 7 blessed years that I’ve got to call myself a mother. I realize how fortunate I am every day to have 3 beauties who call me, mama. I’m so thankful God allows me to experience the joys of motherhood. 

This Mother’s Day, I got such the sweetest gifts from my two sons and a ton of hugs from my daughter. The boys both made me a special card in school and they were absolutely perfect. I’ve never been one for gifts on holidays, but if all gifts were like these, I’d want gifts all the time. 

My oldest son made this portrait of me and him and I am just in awe of it. He did such an amazing job!! USA, LLC

For Mother’s Day, my family gave me the opportunity to pick what I wanted to do. I didn’t really have anything special I wanted to do. I knew the restaurants would be too packed and I already had everything I wanted, so I choose to go thrifting. Thrifting has been my newest obsession and I can’t get enough of it. 

Before we got started thrifting, the kids were hungry, so we decided to eat breakfast out at a Burger King. It was one of those Burger Kings with a play area, so the kids mainly played and wore out some energy while I relaxed. ? 

I had such a good day of thrifting that I barely had the energy to want to do anything else. But, somehow the kids managed to talk me into taking them to the pet store to pick out fish for their new fish tank. 

By the time we finally got out of the fish store, it was pretty late, so we decided to head home and check to see if my mom was home from the hospital yet. Due to my mother’s atrial fibrillation, my poor mom spent most of the weekend at the hospital trying to get her heart rate under control. Thankfully, they were able to, but unfortunately, my mother may still have to have surgery. 

When we saw my mom, the kids were all too happy to see her home from the hospital. She was still feeling rough so we spent much of the rest of the evening outside, enjoying the gorgeous weather and playing with the kids. 

Overall, my Mother’s Day was perfect! How was yours?

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