Reasons You Should Make 2019 the Year you Start Traveling

by Crystal Carder
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Every year, I tell my husband “this” is our year – we’re going to start traveling more. Then life happens. The kids get sick. We can’t seem to make enough time to go somewhere. And, we just don’t want to spend the money it takes to travel. Instead of exploring the states, we’re sitting at home wondering why we didn’t just make the plans and go.

This year, that isn’t going to be us. This year, I am finally putting my foot down and we are going to start traveling as much as we can, even if the kids have to miss school. If one of your goals, this year, is to travel more than you have to make 2019 your year!

Reasons You Should Make 2019 the Year you Start Traveling 81

Reasons to Start Traveling

Life is too Short Not Too

While it’s easy to think you can start traveling next year, the fact is, we’re not promised tomorrow. If you’ve been putting off your traveling plans because you don’t have time, think about this; you have more time now then you will ever have again. Every day, we are living a countdown of our life. For some, they may have 50 more years, but for others, they may only have 5 more years to live their best life.

Life is too short not to live the way you want and do the things you dream of doing. Now is the best time to start!

There Really is a Whole Other World Out There

If you’ve put off traveling because you think the whole world is the same, you’re wrong – there really is a whole other world out there. There are so many places to see, people to meet, and worlds to explore that once you get out of your comfort zone, you’ll wonder why it took you so long.

When you travel, you open yourself up to a whole new world of living. You’ll have new appreciation for simple things, knowledge about other places, and so much more.

You Only Live Once

When I think back to all the times I could have done this or done that, I feel instant regret. I used to make excuses for reasons not travel, but than I realized, you only live once. While having extra money in the bank is always a plus, in the end, it’s just money. When I am dying I am not going to think about how much money I made, I’ll be thinking about the memories I made.

Kids Only Get Older

One of the biggest reasons my family travels so much is to make memories for my kids. Kids grow up so fast that I want to explore everything I can with them before they grow up , move away and have families of their own.

Reasons You Should Make 2019 the Year you Start Traveling 82

Besides that, the little trips we take with the kids mean so much to them.

This year, don’t keep telling yourself you’re going to start traveling and just go for it! Chances are, you will love it!

What’s one place you are planning to visit in 2019?

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