Really Woolly 5 Minute Bedtime Treasury Review

by Crystal Carder
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Bedtime is one of my most favorite times as a mom. Not just because it’s the time I finally get to kick back my feet and relax, but because of my bedtime routine. Every night, my children and I cuddle up and we read a story together. Sometimes it’s a simple Batman or Spider-Man story, but most of the time I prefer it be a bible story. So, when I came across the book, Really Woolly 5 Minutes Bedtime Treasury by Bonnie Rickner Jensen, I thought it would be the perfect nighttime story for my kids.

5 Minute Bedtime Treasury looks like such a nice book, with its hardcover and it’s illustrations by Donna Chapman and Julie Sawywr Philips; that it’d be almost impossible not to want to buy it.


Upon further looking at the book, it’s kind of a letdown. While I love how kid-friendly the pictures are, the stories lack detail. For example, one of my favorite stories of Daniel and the Lions Den actually tells you to read the story of Daniel for more about the story.

Instead of reading like a book, 5 Minute Bedtime Treasury reads more like a devotional. In fact, each story that is supposed to take 5-minutes takes a mere 2-minutes to read.

While I love the way this book talks to kids and features unique stories of the Bible, I really wish it would help my kids learn more about the stories.

I would almost recommend this book for younger children 2 and under, but can’t. This book asks a lot of questions that younger children wouldn’t be able to answer. This book is almost too young for 3-5-year-olds, but I would assume this book would be more for them.

Although I was a bit disappointed in this book, it would be a lie to say I hated it. In fact, I think the stories in this book would be perfect for an ice-breaker at church school to introduce children to the stories of the Bible.

If you would like to buy Really Woolly 5 Minute Bedtime Treasury for yourself, a friend or a church school, you can by visiting this link.


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