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Quilted Monkey Mat Review

This post is sponsored by Monkey Mat, regardless, all opinions are my own.

As an adult, I’m pretty sure I sit on the floor more now, than I did when I was a kid. No matter if I’m somewhere there are a million chairs available or just one, my kids are always insisting I sit or lay on the ground with them. That’s why I was so excited when I got to review the new Quilted Monkey MatMonkey Mat Review
If you watch Shark Tank, you may have already heard a little about this Mat. Created by two women who were always on the go, Monkey Mat was designed to stop people from having to carry big bulky blankets with them.

The Monkey Mat is designed to be used at picnics, concerts, airports, beaches and any other places where you may need a blanket. With the Monkey Mat, possibilities are endless.

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The Monkey Mat is a fairly large mat, it’s 5’X5′ and can easily seat up to 4 people. Since my family is comprised of 3 little people, we were actually able to fit 5 people comfortably on the Monkey Mat.

Monkey Mat
The Monkey Mat is available in a variety of pretty colors, like the red color that I received.

Every Monkey Mat comes with its own unique carrying case that makes the mat portable and easy to store. Each carrying case stays attached to the Monkey Mat so there is never no need to worry about loosing it.

Monkey Mat Review
I love how portable the carrying case makes the Monkey Mat. I can literally keep my Monkey Mat in some of the tiniest places, like my purse!

By now, you’re probably thinking any old blanket can do what the Monkey Mat does, what makes it so special? Well, the Monkey Mat has a few key features that makes it the perfect mat for on the go.

One of my features that make the Monkey Mat perfect for outdoor use is that it’s water resistant. So, whether you want to lay the blanket on freshly dewed grass or you accidentally spill something on, the Monkey Mat can take it. In fact, the Monkey Mat is designed with nylon, the same material sleeping bags are.

Monkey Mat Review
The last feature which makes this mat so unique is the weighted corners. Where I live, my area is prone to cold windy weather. The Monkey Mat’s weighted corners help make sure my blanket never blows away or gets messed up.

Monkey Mat Carrying Case
The Monkey Mat has easily replaced my big bulky trunk blanket and I just can’t stop raving about it. Whether you have frequent play dates, concerts or trips to the beach, the Monkey Mat is a must!!

If you would like to learn more about the Monkey Mat and check out the various colors it comes in, visit HERE.

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  1. This mat would work great for those games! I’ve used mine in the yard while mine out playing, it’s so convenient.

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