Quick & Easy Halos Reindeer for Christmas 

by Crystal Carder
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Normally, whenever someone in my house buys Halos, they are gone before I get a chance to eat one.

Thankfully, the good folks at Halos know how good they are too! This year, they sent me some very cool Halos promotional products to get me to use my creative-side and create a healthy, fun snack.

Halos delicious

At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with my cool Halos items, but then I had an idea – let’s make cute little Halos Reindeer!

quick and easy halos reindeer

Normally, when there are less than 2 weeks until Christmas, I start to panic. There’s so much to do, that making a fun holiday snack to send for my children’s holiday party becomes more of a stress and less fun.

This year, with Halos, I can finally send in something other than cupcakes. With Halos, I can make something healthy look exciting for even the pickiest of eaters.

Fun craft for kids using Halos

Make Your Own Quick & Easy Halos Reindeer

To make these adorable quick and easy Halos Reindeer, you will only need a few simple household items and 1 bag of delicious Halos.

1 Bag of Halos

Enough eyes for 2 eyes on each Halos

24 red crafting Pom-Poms (I recommend using the small size, but any size will do)

24 brown pipe cleaners

1 roll double-sided tape

1 sharpie marker (if a mouth is desired)

Halos Reindeer craft for kids
These crafts are so simple and easy to make, that your kids will be very handy helpers in making these.


1. Take your brown pipe cleaners and fold in half. Your pipe cleaner should be in the form of a V. 

2. Take your double sided tape and cut off just enough to wrap around the open ends of the pipe cleaner.

3. Stick the sticky end of the pipe cleaner to the back side of your Halos.

4. Apply double sided tape to the back of 2 eyes. Stick eyes on Halos.

5. Take 1 red Pom-Pom and apply tape and stick on to Halos – underneath and centered between the two eyes.

6. Use a sharpie to draw a mouth on your Halos, if desired.

7. Wrap up or serve on a pan.

For an even more unique gift, get the kids together to make a special handmade card and use the Halos as a special gift topper. Pack some special crafts underneath and give to loved ones like grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Halos fun gift

For even more Halos Fun check out Halos new sticker game. Find a sticker of each state on your Halos and win a special prize!

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